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Small Claims Court Fees 2022 UK

The cost of going to small claims court varies on the amount you are claiming. But, it's cheaper to make a money claim online than sending a paper claim form.

Even though the fees for making a court claim for money vary, you would need to pay the court fee in full at the same time as you make the actual claim.

Claims against a Person or an Organisation

There are two ways of making a claim. You can either make a money claim online or you can use the paper claim form (CPR Part 7) (Form N1).

As a rule, the amount that you will pay to take someone to court, and the method you use, will depend on whether you know the total claim amount (or not).

You pay the cheapest court fees by using the online service. Plus, making an online claim means the court fees will be calculated for you.

Important: When you already know the ‘specified’ amount that you are claiming, the court bases the charges on that exact amount (plus any applicable interest).

Hence, you will need to use the paper claim form if you are unsure of the exact amount. Even so, you would still need to pay the current court fees when you send a paper claim form.

In this case, you need to estimate the amount of your claim and then pay the paper form fee for that estimated amount.

Here’s a good example:

Estimating a money claim value between £1,000.01 and £1,500 means you would need to pay court fees of £80 if you are using the paper claim form.

County Court Fees 2022

Amount of Money Claimed at the Court Fee for Paper Form Fee for Online Claim
Up to £300 £35 £25
£300.01 to £500 £50 £35
£500.01 to ٟ1,000 £70 £60
£1,000.01 to £1,500 £80 £70
£1,500.01 to £3,000 £115 £105
£3,000.01 to £5,000 £205 £185
£5,000 to £10,000 £455 £410
£10,000.01 to £200,000 5% of the claim 4.5% of the claim
£200,000+ £10,000 Paper claim only

Multiply the claim amount by 0.05 to calculate 5% of the claim value. You should round the figure down to the nearest one pence (1p) where necessary.

Note: Leaving the section marked ‘amount claimed‘ blank on the form will result in an automatic court fee of £10,000.

How to Pay Small Claims Court Fee

You can pay the court fees online by credit or debit card. Send a letter with the paper form if you want the court to accept an online payment (remember to add your contact details).

If not, you would need to pay by postal order or cheque (made payable to ‘HM Courts and Tribunals Service’) if you choose to use the paper format.

There may be extra fees to pay later in the process. There would be a charge for a court hearing and further costs will apply if you need to get a judgment enforced. But, in most cases you can get these fees back after making a claim – assuming you win your case.

Court and Tribunal Fees (England and Wales)

There is usually a fee to pay if you go to a court or a tribunal in England or Wales. Those who are receiving a low income, or on certain benefits may be able to get money off court or tribunal fees.

Court and tribunal fees are not the same as legal costs (e.g. charged by a barrister or a solicitor). The amount you pay at a court or a tribunal depends on the actual claim or type of case.

Small Claims Court Fees 2022: Calculate How Much Interest to Add on a Claim in the United KingdomThere may be multiple small claims fees applied to certain situations (e.g. an application fee and a hearing fee).

You cannot pay most of the court and tribunal fees online. An exception is the Money Claim Online service.

You will need to pay in person by cash, cheque, or using a debit or credit card. If you pay by postal methods using a cheque, make it payable to ‘HM Courts and Tribunals Service’.

Note: Court fees may differ in Scotland and some of the processes for courts and tribunals differ in Northern Ireland.

Small Claims Court Interest on Money Owed

As the claimant, you can claim interest on the money owed to you by the defendant. Claiming an ‘unspecified’ amount means the interest gets calculated for you.

But, claiming for a ‘specified’ or fixed amount of money means you would need to calculate the total amount of interest owed.

How to Work Out the Interest Amount

Being owed money by another business means you can charge interest on late commercial payments. But, for the majority of other debts, the rate of interest is 8%.

There are 3 easy steps to calculate the daily rate of interest for small claims court:

  1. Determine the yearly interest: Multiply the amount you are claiming 0.08 (for an interest rate of 8%).
  2. Determine the daily interest: Divide the yearly interest by 365 (or the number of days in a calendar year).
  3. Calculate the total interest amount: Multiply the daily interest by the number of days that the debt has been overdue.

An Example:
If we assume the amount owed is £2,000 the annual interest would be £160 (2000 x 0.08 = 160).
Divide £160 by 365 to get the daily interest of 43p a day (160 / 365 = 0.438). Thus, the interest on 60 days of debt would be £25.80 (60 x 0.43 = 25.80).

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Note: In some situations, court and tribunal fees may be waived (set aside) for applications to adjourn civil and family hearings because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Court Fees When Making a Money Claim in the United Kingdom