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Handball Equipment List and Kit

'Equipment Used in Handball Game: The Right Gear for Throw Ball'

HANDBALL EQUIPMENT UK: The game is safer for all competitors when you have the right gear and equipments.

Team handball equipment often comprises different items than regular throw ball equipment for schools.

This guide aims to highlight the essential handball kit and optional items needed to play the game with safety.

The most concise handball equipment list starts with apparel worn by the players. That means items such as clothing, shoes, and gloves.

This checklist also includes some equipment specifications used while officiating the game. Check out the gear and apparatus used for indoor and outdoor throw ball court games.

Choosing Handball Shoes UK

Choosing the right training shoes for handball is important for safe movement and control. Handball shoes should maintain perfect support for feet to ensure good footing.

The official rules and regulations do not dictate any specific handball shoes specification. But, there are several different types of footwear available at throw ball equipment stores UK-wide.

Hence, all players should choose court training shoes that provide comfort and will also help to prevent potential foot injuries.

What kind of features make good handball shoes? They must have an excellent grip. Most professional throw ball players recommend using indoor court shoes with a rubber sole. Proper foot support means having lateral support too.

Perhaps the best sports shoes are lightweight with enough ventilation for the foot. The materials used most often are leather based running footwear. They are soft and comfortable with nylon mesh uppers providing ample breathability.

Handball Gear: Clothing and Apparel

Most players wear loose fitting cool clothing consistent with indoor court games. Athletic clothing made of cotton is a popular choice of t-shirt and shorts. That said, apparel made of polyester-cotton mixes tend to withstand frequent washing better.

These outfits also dry quicker and rarely need ironing like other sports clothing. You might also consider wearing some items from this specialized handball equipment list.

It most likely depends on the air temperature and ground playing conditions, but you might also choose to wear:

  • Short-sleeved shirt, hoodie, or jersey.
  • Sports bra or mesh bra (for women), active body shorts or tights, sports socks.
  • Running shoes, headband, form-fitted gloves, padded or unpadded, protective eyewear.
Bikini Bottom Requirement for Women

The International Handball Federation (IHF) announced a major change to the rules relating to women’s clothing. Effective from the 1st of January 2022, the requirement for females to wear bikini bottoms in beach handball games will end.

The update to the official handball rules PDF means women no longer need to play beach games wearing ‘skimpy’ bikini bottoms. The decision comes after several months of pressure from female players – who described it as a ‘sexist’ demand on uniform regulations.

The new rule states: “Female athletes must wear short tight pants with a close fit.” Thus it removes the old wording that required women to wear “bottoms with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg” – with the sides not being more than four (4) inches.

Handball Ball

The handball ball circumference is bigger for men than women. As a rule, players should be able to catch and grip the ball in one hand.

Team Handball Equipment List: The Right Gear for Throw BallThat is why handball ball manufacturers use leather more than any other material.

The table summarizes official handball ball sizes for men, women and children.

Ball Size Handball Ball Category Ball Circumference Ball Weight
III Men and males over 16 years old 58-60 centimeters 425-475 grams
II Women (and males 12-16) 54-56 centimeters 325-375 grams
III Children from 8 years old 48-52 centimeters 280-330 grams

Even though the leather ball is smaller, it is similar to the one used in volleyball rules. Unlike football, players cannot kick the hand ball during a game of throw ball.

The game uses a hand ball that is tailor-made for easy to carry and allows slick passing from hand to hand.

Handball Ball Rule 48: Any ball used during the match should be of the correct size and weight for the category of player. If the playing hall bans the use of resin, you cannot use handballs with a coating of resin.

Handball Ball Rule 49: The official handball rules UK advocate only using balls approved by the IHF, EHA, or EHF.

Handball Gloves

As a rule, American handball players wear padded handball gloves. It is true that the maneuvering the ball is fast-paced. But, most European handball equipment does not include hand gloves.

In some cases, it is advisable to wear a means of protection for your eyes. Eye injuries are not common in the game but wearing sunglasses may suffice.

Handball Court

Modern handball court dimensions in meters should measure 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. The longest outer boundary markings are Sidelines (or touchlines). The shorter boundaries are Goal Lines or End Lines.

The Free-throw line is a dashed arc outside the D-zone. Its furthest point is 9 meters from the outer end goal line.

Handball Goal Centre

There must be a goal centered along each goal line. The internal handball goal dimensions measure 3 meters wide by 2 meters tall. The depth of the goal should measure two meters back from the goal line. The goals should get bolted to the floor or to a wall.

Timing and Scoring Devices

IHF team handball rules expect the home team to provide electronic scoreboards and timing equipment. Teams can use a manual scoring system if electronic devices are unavailable. You should also use a separate timing clock.

It should be large enough so that it is visible by coaches and team officials. In most cases they need to see the timing clock from inside the substitute area.

Personal List of Handball Equipment

Handball Rule 50: Players must secure spectacles if worn. Eyewear protection should not cause injury to others during the match.

To meet these regulations most players wear spectacles fixed by a loop or band around the head. If not, referees can ask you to play without eye-wear or forfeit your participation.

Handball Rule 51: Players must remove personal equipment which might cause injury to others. Examples of personal throw ball gear includes (rings, watches, or necklaces).

You must apply tape to make it safe if you cannot remove it. Such personal items need approval by the match referee before the game begins.

Handball Injuries
  • If a player sustains a blood injury they should leave the court (where possible and appropriate). You must also staunch and cover bleeding wounds to the satisfaction of match officials. Any player returning to the court after a blood wound should wear a clean set of kit.
  • Each team is responsible for having a spare kit, and it should be in the same colour and design. Spare kits can replace bloodstained outfits.
  • The replacement kit should either be without a number or a completely different number. That allows referees and table officials to differentiate handball player positions.
  • Throw ball clubs can receive a punishment if spare kits are not available for competitions.
  • Handball teams should provide separate changing facilities for referees and visiting team(s) if possible.
Handball Health and Safety Rules

There are specific handball safety rules for elite competitions and events. Hence, the home team must provide a qualified first aider who is in possession of a suitable first aid kit.

The first aid kit should contain rubber gloves for use when treating blood injuries. As a rule, the first aider should sit behind the officials’ table or team benches.

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