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Do you need quick and simple answers to some popular handball questions? This handball FAQs section lists the most common questions about handball rules.

HANDBALL FAQ: This resource section will improve your knowledge and understanding about the game.

It answers all the top questions about handball. Check through up-to-date factual content and blog articles on handball questions.

What are FAQs?

FAQs are frequently referred to as the five (5) ‘Ws’. They comprise who, what, when, where, and why? Often, ‘H’ (how?) takes an inclusion as the sixth and occasionally you will see a seventh (how much?).

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What is Handball Game?

As you might expect, playing the game of team handball is a team sport. Even so, many of its followers prefer to call it Olympic handball instead.

The players in each team pass a handball ball to each other using only their hands. They do so with the ultimate aim of throwing the ball into the goal net of their opposing team.

As a rule, they play two 30-minute periods in a standard match. The team scoring most goals become the victors and win the game.

How Many Players in a Handball Team?

The total number of active players in a handball team is seven. Each team can have one goalie and six outfield players on the court. Even so, up to 12 players can dress for the match and join the game by substitution.

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How to Play Handball?

Playing team handball is very popular in Europe and the United States. The competitive game is fast-paced and never short of excitement.

Handball combines the skill techniques of English soccer and basketball. Anyone learning to play team handball must be able to pass the ball, dribble, and shoot for goal.

Team Handball FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Handball Game