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Dodgeball Regulations

UK Dodgeball Rules and Regulations

'Dodgeball: A Jocular Team Sport Played by School PE Olympians'

DODGEBALL RULES: The United Kingdom Dodgeball Association (UKDBA) govern the official rules of regulation dodgeball games.

The jocular sport has become a regular physical education activity in most primary schools around the United Kingdom.

The exact origins of this pacy game remain somewhat sketchy. But its popularization reached widespread exposure thanks to the hit movie 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story'.

Internationally, there are variable interpretations and informal regulatory governance in many countries.

Learning the basic rules of dodgeball UK is certain to get beginners involved in the game. This guide explains the most important dodgeball tactics for all novices and newcomers. Get started and having fun playing this indoor court game around the schools of Great Britain.

Basic Rules of Playing DodgeballDodgeball Rules UK

Dodgeball Aim of the Game

There is one principle aim of playing the dodgeball game. The goal is to eliminate all player members of the opposing team using thrown balls. You can achieve this by throwing balls at them while they try to dodge ball and remain in the game.

Catching the ball when thrown by an opposing player also eliminates them. Forcing opposition players outside the dodgeball court boundaries has the same result. It ends their participation in the game from that point on.

UK Dodgeball Court Size

UKDBA Dodgeball Rules and Regulations Played in UK Primary SchoolsAs a rule, games get played in primary schools on the most appropriate surface and venue. Dodgeball court dimensions vary according to the facility measurements available

There is no fixed dimension or official dodgeball court size design. But, ideally the pitch should always have a center line.

The dodgeball court size for competitive games should be 17 meters long by 8 meters wide.

The fast-paced sport is often played on indoor courts. That means school age kids can also play basketball and volleyball on the same pitch.

Rules of Dodgeball UK Equipment

There is no universal agreement on the ball size used in a dodgeball game. But individual league formats often make an agreement between themselves. The UKDBA governs and oversees UK Dodgeball equipment regulation.

The standard measurement of the dodgeball ball is 7 inches and they are usually made of foam. The number of balls used in a match ranges from 3 up to 10 in some cases. Some organisers of elite events enforce their specific rules for dodgeball. They determine the number of players and the playing field length.

Rules for Dodgeball Players

There is no fixed number of players required to have a dodgeball game. But 6 is a popular number among school teams. The regulations of the sport vary between only a few players up to large groups. The space available often determines the total pool of players.

School leagues or regulated games have a set number of players. Even so, that also differs in separate league events. Team players should wear matching uniforms in elite league competitions.

Their shirts must clearly display a unique number identifiable by dodgeball officials. The colour of the kit and outfit should not clash with the referee's uniform.

General Dodgeball Rules and Regulations

Dodgeball Scoring System and Tactics

Eliminating the players of the opposing team is the best method of point scoring in dodgeball. There are two methods of elimination;

  1. Hitting an opponent with a ball: If a player gets hit and the ball is not caught before becoming dead.
  2. The thrower is out of the game if he throws a ball that an opponent catches.

Several variations of the game allow for a reinstatement of players if their team catches the ball. This ensures the game lasts for a longer time-period. It also provides an incentive for catching the ball instead of dodging the ball. Players eliminate themselves if they run out of the playing court.

Referee and Officials in Dodgeball Regulations

Dodgeball regulations use the honour system of officiating. That means refereeing and officiating occurs more so between the players themselves. As a rule, there will be less umpiring performed by dodgeball officials.

As a rule that means it is ultimately up to the players to enforce and uphold the laws. But, the referees will make the final call whenever there is controversial play.

Winning a Game of Dodge Ball Rules

The team which eliminates all their opponents first are the winners. The winning team will be the one with most players if both teams still have members at the end of an allotted time. The match goes into overtime when the game results in deadlock.

Advanced Dodgeball Rules UK


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