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Basketball Rules and Regulations

The history and origins of basketball date back to 1891. The code that you follow may be the NBA or the FIBA (International Basketball Federation). Either way, the information in these simple basketball regulations will help you get started and understand the basic fundamentals of the fast paced game.

BASKETBALL REGULATION: This section simplifies the standardized list of basketball rules and regulations for beginners.

Playing to the exact regulations of basketball rules UK depends on which competition your match gets played in.

The reason is because some leagues govern their own laws of the game for England basketball rules.

For example, college basketball rules get governed by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). But, the National Basketball Association (NBA basketball rules) follow a different set of basketball regulations.

Basketball is a sport played all around the globe but its biggest fan base is based in North America. The USA is also where the sport’s most lucrative league exists – NBA rules and regulations.

Many other countries have since adopted the game of basketball. They include Great Britain, Russia, and some regions of Europe and Asia.

Learning these basic rules of basketball UK and the must-know regulations is enough of a guide to get absolute beginners started in the game.

Rules of Basketball UK

Object of Playing Basketball Game

The object of playing basketball in the UK is to score points by throwing the basketball ball into a hoop.

English basketball rules state that players must move the ball around by dribbling (bouncing) or by passing it.

The team with the most points at the end of the game gets declared as the winner.

Basketball Time Periods

As a rule each game lasts a set number of minutes with regulated breaks between each quarter or half.

The timekeeper in basketball keeps track of the game time periods. The time quarters may differ depending which league regulates your match or competition.

For Example: Most common is 4 twelve minute quarters. As a rule, there is a standard 15 minute half time interval between the end of the 2nd and start of the 3rd quarter.

NBA & NCAA Quarter Time

NBA rules and regulations consist of 4 separate quarters with 12 minutes in each quarter. Whereas, the NCAA basketball rules and regulations make a game of 2 individual halves. As a rule there will be 20 minutes of play in each half.

Conversely, the FIBA list of basketball rules and regulations differ once more. Their basketball rule code actually stipulates a playing time of four 10 minute quarters.

Basketball Players Positions

In a standard game of NBA England basketball rules, a match has two (2) teams playing against each other. The rules and regulations of basketball UK allow a choice of 12 players to make a complete squad. But, only 5 players can play on the court at one time to represent each team.

The team trying to score a basket gets called the offence. Whereas the team trying to prevent them from scoring gets called the defence.

Defencive players try to stop the offencive players from scoring goals. They do this by blocking their shots or preventing them from firing a shot at the hoop.

Basketball in England Player Positions:

  • Point Guard
  • Defensive Guard
  • Center
  • Offensive Forward
  • Defensive Forward

Even though each player will take up their own particular position on the court, they are allowed to move around as they please.

The rules and regulations in basketball allow for unlimited player substitutions during the game. As a result, this basketball substitution rotation format is often called ‘rolling substitution‘.

Basketball Equipment UK

The rectangular shaped court measures 91 feet long by 50 feet wide. The halfway line has a small circle in the center which is where the game starts.

There are two 18 inch basket hoops which are 10 feet high. One hoop gets fixed at each end of the court in the center of the back line. A three point arc is the outside ring with the key in the middle (it includes a free throw line).

Teams must wear matching strips. Some English basketball players choose to wear face masks and gum shields for extra protection. The basketball ball must be spherical and inflated. As a rule the ball measures 9.5 to 9.85 inches (24.1 to 25.0 cm) in diameter.

General Basketball Regulations

  • Basketball rules UK is a sport played mostly indoors.
  • Play begins with a jump ball or tip off.
  • The ball gets thrown into the air by the referee and a player from each team tries to win possession for their team.
  • Players move the ball around the court by tapping, bouncing, passing, throwing, rolling, or dribbling
  • The aim is to pass and dribble the ball forwards until the moment when one of your team can shoot.
  • Shooting the basketball ball through the basket ring scores points.
  • Each player gets two taps before the ball hits the ground, a basket, a backboard or another player.
  • The most important rule to understand is that you are not allowed to run with the ball. That is different to some other ball sports such as rugby union rules.
  • After a player puts two hands on the ball (not including catching it) they cannot then dribble or move with the ball. That means players must pass it to a teammate or take a shot at goal.
  • When the ball goes into a team’s half – and they win possession back – the ball must travel over the half way line within 10 seconds. A foul gets called and the ball gets turned over if it fails to do so.

Playing Extra Time in Basketball

Extra time gets played at the end of the match if there is a tie in the scores. An additional 5 minutes of playing time usually gets added. Whoever leads afterwards is then deemed to be the match winner.

Sudden death play-off determines the winner if both teams are still tied after playing overtime.

Scoring Rules and Regulations for Basketball

  • Team players have 24 seconds to take their shot at the basket.
  • If the ball fails to go in the basket then the basketball shot clock gets restarted for another 24 seconds.
  • Basketball players have three scoring numbers to gain points.
  • A basket scored from outside the three point arc results in 3 points.
  • Baskets scored within the three point arc results in 2 points.
  • Successful free throws result in 1 point for each free throw taken from the ‘foul-line’.
  • The foul-line gets used as a penalty shot which gets awarded to your team if the opposition commits a breach of the rules.
  • The number of free throws awarded depends on where a foul got committed.
  • The ball gets turned over to the opposition after each successful basket.

Rules and Regulations of Basketball Officials

The main basketball officials roles include one referee and one umpire. The court gets divided between the two officials. They swap places after each foul involving a free throw penalty or a jump ball decision.

The umpires use whistles and hand signals to make and explain their decisions. Violations of England basketball rules include:

  • Travelling (taking more than one step without bouncing the ball).
  • Double dribble (picking the ball up dribbling, stopping then dribbling again with two hands).
  • Goaltending (a defensive player interferes with the ball travelling downwards towards the basket).
  • Back court violation (once the ball passes the half way line the offensive team cannot take the ball back over the half way line).

Winning the Game of Basketball Rules UK

Winning a game of basketball is simple. You need to score more points than your opponents in the allotted game time. If the scores are tied at the end then an extra quarter will get played until a clear winner gets determined.

Note: Basketball rules and regulations get complicated further because there are several governing bodies in the sport. More information will follow concerning the three major influencers of the game i.e. FIBA, NCAA, and NBA basketball rules.


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