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Dodgeball Equipment List and Kit

This dodgeball equipment list is largely based on the basic match kit needed to play the game. Get information on balls, courts, and uniforms used in dodgeball.

DODGEBALL EQUIPMENT UK: There are several regional variations of dodgeball rules and regulations worldwide.

But, one of the frequently asked questions is about the number of balls.

The question is “How many balls are used in a dodgeball game?”

In fact, the number of dodgeball balls players use in a game also varies, but 3 to 10 balls is commonplace.

You will find some exceptions made to the rules. For example where a court is particularly limited for space or where lots of people join the game.

Increasing the number of balls tends to bump up the action. But, having too many balls and not enough players can result in stalemate.

UKDBA Dodgeball Equipment Regulations

  • Players must wear shirts, shorts or sweatpants. They must also wear proper shoes like indoor court trainers (metal cleats are not allowed).
  • An official tournament ball used in league play should be rubber coated.
  • As a rule, the standard number of balls used will be 4 for a game with 8 players.

Dodgeball Ball Size

Players often use 6 balls in Dodgeball UK regulation games. At least four of the balls should measure 8 inches in diameter. Most team handball leagues use two smaller and spongier balls for female team members to throw.

Dodgeball Equipment: UKDBA Dodgeball Ball SizeEven so, the risk of serious injury from ball strike is low. As a general rule the balls do not hurt when they hit the torso area.

There is an accepted worldwide standard for measurement and material of dodgeball balls. They should be at least seven inches in diameter and made from foam or rubber.

In general, dodgeballs are roughly the same size of a volleyball ball. The main difference is a thin plastic shell or padded canvas.

Dodgeball Court Size and Layout

There are minimal regulations set up for dodgeball court design. The diagram show a bird’s eye view of a dodgeball court layout used in the UKDBA League.

Often, games get played on a basketball or volleyball court. In some case they use a simple fenced area, soccer pitch, or even an Australian Rules Football oval.

Dodgeball Equipment List: Court Size DiagramMost of the time players use the best playing surface available.

A dodgeball court should always have a center line marked out separating the two halves. The center line divides the court into two 30 feet square areas. It forms the ‘neutral zone‘ in the middle of the two sides.

According to UK dodgeball regulation the court gets divided into two areas. Each area measures 30 feet by 30 feet (9.1 x 9.1 meters). There is a 4 feet ‘neutral’ zone (1.2 meter) at the court center separating the two sides.

That means a dodgeball court measures similar in size to a volleyball court. But, court dimensions vary depending on the actual venue.

All ‘live players‘ must remain inside the court boundaries at all times. They should leave the playing surface when they are out of the game. Often there are two return areas where players can wait to rejoin the game.

None of the ‘killed players‘ can fetch or retrieve the balls from outside of the court area. In most cases players designate extra ball boys or ball girls for retrieving overshot balls.

Dodgeball Uniforms UK

You can buy dodgeball referee and players kits from reputable retailers in the United Kingdom. They also cater for school PE sessions with dodgeball kit sets of playing shorts and shirts.

Dodgeball Shoulder Pads

Players often dress up in fancy costumes or humorous uniforms. They will play wearing outlandish uniforms and matching shoulder pads. Dodgeball shoulder pads are like those worn in lacrosse rules. But, they get made from foam or plastic instead.

As a rule, dodgeball apparel does not generally conform to strict regulation. Some of the gear and merchandise follows the trends show in the hit movie.

Dodgeball Shoes

Proper footwear is standard equipment needed for dodgeball. Many players wear badminton or netball court shoes to play. These track running shoes are especially designed for jumping and lunging forward or backward.

Dodgeball Equipment List used in the United Kingdom