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Lacrosse Rules and Equipment Regulations

This section explains the simplified lacrosse rules UK for beginners. Follow this basic guide to lacrosse equipment, team tactics, and player strategies.

LACROSSE STICKS UK: Competitors play field lacrosse as a team game.

Teammates use a stick with a mesh or net at one end to pass a ball to each other. As a rule they do so around an outdoor rectangular playing field.

The sport originated around a thousand years ago in Native American communities. They used lacrosse as a training ground for tribal warriors battling for victory.

French Jesuit missionaries first witnessed (and documented) the earliest versions of the game. But in fact, the ‘Laws of Lacrosse‘ got codified in Canada around 1867.

The present day game is fast paced and a frenetic contact sport. It requires the use of protective padding and helmets for the players.

Less common variations of the outdoor pastime are box lacrosse and intercrosse. But, this beginner section focuses on the basic rules and regulations for playing field lacrosse in the United Kingdom.

Rules of Lacrosse UK

Aim of playing Lacrosse Game

The simple aim of the game is to shoot a ball into your opponent’s goal using a lacrosse stick – called a ‘crosse‘. Of course, you want to score more goals than they do to win the game.

Players use the stick to catch, carry, and pass the ball. Other player tactics include trying to stop the opponents from gaining possession. You also use the lacrosse stick to dispossess opposing players of the ball when they have possession.

Rules of Lacrosse Playing Field

Lacrosse’s playing field should be a rectangle with white markings for boundary lines. The measurements should have 110 yard sidelines (100.58 meters) long by 60 yard end lines (54.86 meters) wide.

A heavy white line should mark the centerline (midfield line) of the pitch. The midfield line must be perpendicular to the sidelines. There should be a goal at either end measuring six feet by six feet. A circular ‘crease‘ should surround each goal with a diameter of 18 feet.

Lacrosse Equipment UK

  • A lacrosse ball is usually made of solid rubber measuring a diameter of eight inches.
  • Players should wear helmets and mouthpieces for protection. They also use shoulder pads and arm pads. Wearing lacrosse gloves UK is highly recommended.
  • There are 2 different lengths of mens and womens lacrosse sticks UK:
    • Short sticks (crosse) must measure between 40 and 42 inches in length.
    • Long sticks (crosse) must measure between 52 and 72 inches in length.
  • The head must be no less than six inches and no more than 10 inches at its widest point.
  • The goalkeeper’s stick may be anything between 40 and 72 inches in length and up to 15 inches in width.
  • Lacrosse rules UK say no more than four players can carry a long stick (excluding the goalkeeper).

Rules of Lacrosse UK Players

A lacrosse team consists of ten players in total. There will be one goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders and three attacking players.

General Lacrosse Regulations

  • As a rule the duration of the game gets played over four quarters of 20 minutes each quarter. But, the game may get paused if a team calls a time-out.
  • Games get started and restarted after stoppages for goals and at the start of each quarter. Each start and restart begins with a ‘face-off‘.
  • During a face-off a player from each side lays their stick horizontally next to the ball until the official blows their whistle. At that point, the players battle for possession of the ball.
  • Team players must ensure the ball progresses beyond the midfield line within 20 seconds once they are in possession of the ball. This lacrosse sticks ruling helps to encourage a fast-flowing game.
  • Players may receive periods of time in the penalty box for rules’ infringements. They include getting caught offside or for a physical hold onto an opponent.
  • Time punishments in the penalty box usually last for 30 seconds or up to one minute.

Scoring in UK Lacrosse

Team members must propel the ball from their lacrosse stick into the goal such that it fully crosses the goal line to score a legal goal.

Players are not allowed to score from inside the goal crease area. In this case the goal gets disallowed if a player enters the ‘crease‘ before the ball crosses the goal line.

Lacrosse Referees and Officials

Lacrosse games get controlled by 3 referees as a rule and one will officiate as the head referee. Referees share equal duties. But, the settlement of any dispute gets decided by the head referee and his decision is final.

Winning a Game of Lacrosse

The winning team is the one scoring most goals within the allocated time frame of the game. An extra period of ‘sudden victory overtime‘ may ensue if scores remain level after the game time is up.

During the extra period of play the first team to score a goal becomes the outright winner.

Advanced Lacrosse Rules


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