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Student Finance

Student Finance Help for Students

This student finance guide is for those who are already studying or those who plan on going to University. You can find advice and information about Higher Education and how to get help while you study.

HELP FOR STUDENTS: This page lists the options for students to get finance and support.

The topics include student loans, bursaries, and government grants for scholars.

Those who are on a scholarship and eligible for student finance can learn how to pay back the loans.

The aim of this section is to provide information and guidance on all the financial help and support available to higher education students.

Student Finance Guide

Adult Dependants' Grant GuideAdult Dependants' Grant

DEPENDANTS GRANTS: Get information on the Adult Dependants' Grant for students in higher education. The bursary is for full-time students with an adult who depends on them for financial support.

Childcare Support Grant GuideChildcare Grant

CHILDCARE SUPPORT GRANT: Student parents who are in full-time higher education may be eligible for extra financial help to cover your childcare and some course-related costs. The Childcare Grant is a weekly payment helping parents who are studying and have dependent children.

Dance and Drama Awards Funding GuideDance and Drama Awards

DADA FUNDING: The Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA) is a type of performing arts funding for students. Find out how much you might get from Dance and Drama Awards funding in the United Kingdom.

Disabled Students Allowance GuideDisabled Students Allowance

DSA GUIDE: Some higher education students can get extra money through Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs). This guide explains how to apply for a Disabled Students' Allowance using the DSA1 form.

Extra Money to Pay for University GuideExtra Money to Pay for University

BURSARIES & SCHOLARSHIPS: Awards, bursaries, and scholarships are like grants. Find out how higher education students might qualify to get extra money to pay for university or fund their college term.

Contact Student Finance England GuideStudent Finance England

CONTACT SFE: Are you thinking about studying in the United Kingdom or are you already a student? Find out how to contact Student Finance England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

APPLY ONLINE: You can apply online for student finance if you study in the current academic year. Online applications mean you can also apply for Maintenance Loans, Maintenance Grants, and Tuition Fee Loans.

Student Finance Help for Students Studying in England