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Travel Grants for Students (England)

A travel grant can help to cover the costs of traveling while you study abroad or attend a clinical placement in the United Kingdom.

This section explains how to apply for travel grants for students, the eligibility criteria, and which travel expenses forms you need to use.

What Can You Get from Travel Grants UK?

Undergraduate travel grants can cover some of the ‘reasonable’ costs incurred when studying abroad (e.g. trips to and from an overseas university).

Full-time students meeting UK residence rules, also need to be:

  • Studying outside the United Kingdom as part of your course (or through one of the Erasmus study or work placements).
  • A medical or dental student who is either studying abroad or attending a clinical placement in the United Kingdom.

Note: You do not need to pay back undergraduate travel grants. But, there are rules on eligibility and some of the procedures differ for students from Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

The actual amount you can get from a travel grant depends on the total amount of household income you have.

Household income would include your own (if you have one) along with that of your parents, guardians, spouse, or partner (if you are living with them). But, it would not include the income of any other family members that you may be living with.

You would be expected to keep your travel costs to a ‘reasonable’ level by using a cheap and practical method of transport (e.g. taking a bus instead of a taxi).

If You are Studying Outside the UK

Undergraduate students who are studying a full academic year abroad, would be able to apply for:

  • A maximum of three (3) return journeys between the overseas institution and their home.
  • Financial help to cover some of the essential expenses (e.g. medical insurance, travel visas).

If you are a single parent, you may also be able to apply for help with the travel costs for taking your children with you.

Medical or Dental Students on Clinical Placements

Travel grants also cover the cost of doing a clinical placement in the United Kingdom. So, you would be able to claim some of the travel costs incurred when traveling between your home and the placement (i.e. the location of the hospital or facility).

Important: The student needs to pay the first £303 of travel costs. Furthermore, travel grants reduce by £1 for each £8.73 of household income above £39,796.

Eligibility Criteria for Travel Grants

You will not qualify for these kinds of travel grants for students unless your permanent home address is located in England.

If You Study Abroad

You must be attending an overseas institution for a minimum of half of each academic term (can be compulsory or optional) if you are studying abroad.

You may also qualify for a travel grant if you are placed on one of the Erasmus studies or work placements. But, other types of work placements will not count.

Note: The short YouTube video explains more about the Erasmus+ programme for students who want to study in Europe.

Doing Clinical Placements

It needs to be an essential part of your medical or dental course if you are doing a clinical placement in United Kingdom.

But, if you are eligible for either the awards from the Department of Health or means-tested bursaries, you will not qualify for a travel grant.

Getting student finance based on your household income (e.g. a Maintenance Loan or Maintenance Grant) means you will be able to complete a travel grant application.

How to Apply for a Travel Grant

If You Study Abroad
  1. Use your student finance account to start the application process. You will need to set up an account if not.
  2. Once you have done that, Student Finance England (SFE) will send you a course abroad form.
  3. Fill in the course abroad form and return it to SFE. If you qualify they will then send you a travel grant form.

You need to keep all travel receipts for the expenses that you will be applying for (so you can send photocopies). Once approved, SFE will pay the money straight into your bank account.

Doing Clinical Placements

What if you are attending a clinical placement in the United Kingdom? If so, you should apply for student finance for clinical study. SFE will send you a travel grant form if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Note: Another section explains how higher education students may qualify for extra money to pay for college or fund their university term.

Travel Grants for Students in the United Kingdom