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Adult Dependants Grant Form and Rates

What is the Adult Dependants' Grant for students? The bursary is for full-time students in higher education with an adult who depends on them for financial support.

DEPENDANTS’ GRANTS: You can apply for an Adult Dependants Grant and get up to:

£3,263 for the academic year 2022 to 2023.

£3,190 for the academic year 2021 to 2022.

Extra money from the Adult Dependants’ Grant gets paid on top of regular student finance packages.

You do not need to pay back money from an Adult Dependants Grant. The total amount you can get will depend on:

  • Your household income (including that of your spouse or partner).
  • The income of the dependant adult.
  • Your personal circumstances (e.g. married or have children).
  • Whether you receive other grants for students (e.g. Childcare Grant).

As a rule, 3 separate instalments get paid straight into your bank account. Adult Dependants Grant payments go in at the beginning of each term through the academic year.

Note: The Adult Dependant Grant affects many income-related benefits and tax credits.

Adult Dependants Grant Eligibility Criteria

Who Can Count as an Adult Dependant?

As a rule the adult dependant would be a member of your family. That can include your spouse, partner, or your civil partner. But, grown up children cannot count as adult dependants for the Adult Dependant Grant.

Note: An unmarried partner must be over 25 years old to qualify as an adult dependant.

Income of the Adult Dependant

You cannot claim Adult Dependants’ Grant for an adult dependant with a net annual income of over £3,796.

What if the Dependant Adult is Also Studying?

If the dependant adult is also studying and receiving student finance, you cannot get the Adult Dependants’ Grant for that person.

In cases where they apply for student finance:

  1. You must contact Student Finance England and inform them at the time of their application.
  2. In some cases your Adult Dependants’ Grant may then stop.

How to Apply for Adult Dependants Grant

  1. The first step is filling in the Adult Dependants Grant form section on your main student finance application. The form asks for estimates of your total household income.
  2. Student Finance England will then assess your application. They will contact you if they require any further information from you. This may include information on your financial circumstances such as:
    1. Your P60
    2. Child Benefit details
    3. Family tax credits details
    4. Financial information from your partner (e.g. bank statements)
  3. Student Finance England will also send you a letter informing you if you qualify. They will tell you how much money you will get if you qualify for Adult Dependants Grant.
  4. SFE will send you an income confirmation form at the end of the academic year. This checks whether your actual outgoings match your original estimates in the application. Student Finance England will adjust your payments according to the confirmation figures.


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Adult Dependants Grant Form for Students with a Dependent Adult in United Kingdom