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Electronic Monitoring Tag

Electronic Tagging Rules: Tag Monitoring

What is electronic tagging in the United Kingdom? The criminal justice system has used wide scale electronic monitoring tags since 1999.

ELECTRONIC TAG: Tagging means home detention curfew orders get monitored by electronic devices.

Wearing an electronic tag is most often a community service condition. As a rule, tagging a criminal is a condition of an early release from prison.

The courts in England and Wales also have the power to impose electronic monitoring. They might tag a subject in conjunction with bail or to monitor curfews.

In most cases an electronic tag gets attached to an ankle. The tag sends data about your location to a 'base unit'.

The base unit is usually installed at your home. But, the court or prison order determines the exact location for the base unit.

As a rule a curfew means you must stay at home during certain hours of the day. Curfews can also be another specified location other than the home.

The Home Monitoring Unit monitors and checks whether you keep to the hours of your curfew. In fact, the base unit monitoring box sends an alert to a monitoring center if you break curfew tag rules.

Note: Electronically monitored curfews and their associated boundaries depend on conditions of bail, the court, or the types of prison orders.

Home Detention Curfew 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Home detention curfews are for prisoners who are serving a sentence between 3 months and 4 years. As a rule, early prison release occurs between two weeks and 135 days earlier than half term of the sentence.

Prisoners serving this length of sentence often get an automatic due date for a release on tag. But, you should regard this as a privilege and not an absolute right for all prisoners.

Breaching Electronic Tag Conditions

Like prison rules and regulations there are several ways a subject can breach electronic tag conditions or curfew:

  1. The person leaves the property during the hours of a curfew
  2. As a result of the subject tampering with the electronic tagging device

Note: The registered contractors of the tag will act immediately in either of these cases.

Electronic Tagging Rules in the United KingdomElectronic Tag Problems (ems tag)

Contact the nearest Electronic Monitoring Services if you have problems with your electronic tag. Use the nearest EMS tagging contact number for your location.

Electronic Monitoring Services Phone Number
London, East of England, West Midlands, Wales
Telephone: 08080 090 002

Electronic Monitoring Services Phone Number
South East, South West, North East, North West,
East Midlands, Yorkshire, Humberside
Telephone: 0800 137 291

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New legislation on 'sobriety ankle tags' monitors sweat and tracks breaches of electronic tagging from May 2020 in England and Wales. The alcohol tag scheme means offenders of alcohol-fuelled crime can be banned from drinking and may receive further sanctions.

Electronic Tagging Rules: Prison Tag Home Detention Curfew in the United Kingdom