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Flying Rules and Flight Regulations

UK airline and airport rules and regulations include the most rigorous and demanding restrictions. Check the flight laws encountered when flying across British skies and beyond.

This informative section will glide you through all the categories of the rules and regulations for flying in and out of the United Kingdom.

UK Flying Rules: Most of us jet around the country traveling from point A to point B on a regular basis.

We may have become somewhat blasé and laid-back to flight safety checks and international CAA luggage and aviation standards.

Nevertheless, and according to the most reliable statistics, an airplane will take off somewhere in the world every three (3) seconds.

Despite this fact, there are still those who wonder – how safe is flying?

Browse through The UK Rules of flying section as we attempt to wing all frequent-flyers and jet-setters off to a flyer.

So, as the flight captain would say, please fasten your seatbelt, sit back comfortably, and let’s get you airborne!

Flying Rules and Regulations Guide

Babies on Planes

Babies on Airplanes

Airline regulations allow flights for families with a baby (or toddlers under 2). Check a review of the babies on airplanes guidelines with extra tips for parents flying with an infant.

Baby Milk

As a rule, airlines in the United Kingdom are less regulatory about baby milk and food restrictions when taking babies on plane flights.

Baby Passports

You will need to get a passport for your baby or child to travel abroad. Information in the section covers the basic application steps and what you need to provide.

Airline Safety Rules

Basic advice for flying safely with 10 flight safety tips and recommendations on plane security. Learn how to get maximum protection during travel on passenger planes.

Drones and UAV Laws

CAA legal requirements restrict drone no fly zones around the United Kingdom. Find out where operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) may – and MAY NOT – fly drones.

Etiquette for Flying

Fly like high flyers with these airplane etiquette rules for dashing gentlemen! Check out the top ten air travel business class guidelines and package flight tips.

Flights with the Family

Which are the best airline seats for families? Check a review of the benefits and disadvantages of flight seating arrangements for families with children provided by airlines.

Hand Luggage Restrictions

There are restrictions on what items you can take with you when you fly in to and out of the UK. Check CAA hand baggage and hold luggage restrictions for boarding a plane.

Lithium Batteries on Planes

Information for passengers flying with batteries on planes including those which contain lithium ion. The list includes personal computers and mobile phones.

Low Flying Aircraft

Despite a major reduction in low flying military aircraft since 1988, the Ministry of Defence still carries out some levels of low flying for training purposes (e.g. search and rescue).

Flight Rules and Regulations when Flying into and out of United Kingdom