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10 Airline Etiquette Rules for High Flyers

Fly like high flyers and dashing gentlemen! Follow these top ten air travel business class guidelines and package flight tips.

FLIGHT ETIQUETTE TIPS: These 10 airline tips should make time spent checking in at airports less taxing.

This guide aims to make the rules of flying an enjoyable journey. After all, flying through the air on board should be a pleasant experience.

1. Dress Up for the Occasion

Proper flight etiquette begins with your attire. For many, the ideal plane journey combines comfort with a tad of elegance.

So, leave the sweatpants and gym shoes at home and wear something mature and respectful. When you look good, you feel good – as Shakespeare once hinted ‘Clothes make the Man‘.

2. Boarding Pass or QR Code?

Using a standard boarding pass may seem a little antiquated for the discerning high flyer. But, studies show the high tech QR app is creating more hassle at airport check-ins than the technology ‘boffins’ expected. Play it safe and take the fast-track standard boarding pass route.

3. Travel Light On Board

It might cost you an extra fee and some retrieval time when the plane lands. Even so, dragging heavy baggage through the airport departure lounge is not considered as good flight etiquette.

Travel light whenever possible. Checking your luggage in for cargo carriage means you will not have to deal with the overhead compartments when you are boarding the plane. Hopping on the plane with only your favorite tablet or a small personal bag is an amazing feeling of freedom and comfort.

4. Invest in Quality Luggage

Do you need to travel with heavy luggage? If not, a true gentleman would not be seen at the gateway with an ugly black fabric suitcase. Investing in a quality set looks absolutely stunning at airports!

The added bonus is, you are more likely to recognize yours at the baggage claim. It will be the one everyone else is admiring.

5. IPad vs. iPhone

To avoid running low on iPhone juice you might want to opt for a tablet to be your entertainment fix instead.

That means you land with a full discharge on your phone without the need for a clunky battery pack case.

6. Tablet Storage

Following on from flight etiquette tip number 5. You want to be sure you have loaded up your tablet entertainment device with the latest movies and games.

Flying is always more fun, and less challenging, when you have something to look forward to on the plane. A new magazine, movie, or addicting game is always a good move on the scales of ‘gentlemanly’ flight decorum.

7. Airport Wi-Fi Charges are not Cool

Airport or airplane Wi-Fi rarely works efficiently. Save your hard-earned money and avoid imminent frustration. Get the work done when you reach your intended destination.

8. Personal Headphones are Cool

Never underestimate the joy of a good pair of noise canceling personal headphones. They will block out even the most annoying passengers and crying babies – so you can relax in silence.

9. Don’t be Too Relaxed

It might sound odd, but you get very little comfort yourself when you have reclined in your flight seat. Try to relax – but karma may come back to kick you if you unnecessarily annoy the person behind you.

10. Save Your Stomach

Your stomach will thank you after the flight for abstinence on in-flight meals. It is a constant surprise how many flight meals do not look or taste anything like wholesome and nutritious food. The best advice suggested for good flight etiquette tips is to arrive hungry. Eat a mouth-watering meal at a top restaurant once you arrive.

Unofficial Rule Book for Passenger In-flight Behaviour

  • 67% of travellers surveyed said you should get one armrest and leave the other for your neighbour.
  • 45% said the middle seat should get both armrests.
  • 59% of passengers said it was fine to remove your shoes on a plane flight.
  • 87% said you must keep your socks on.
  • 83% of those surveyed said the in-flight conversation with a stranger should be ‘limited’ to a friendly hello (with a smile).
  • 80% of frequent flyers said they would have no problem waking up their neighbour to use the toilet on board. Around a third of those said they would climb over the person if they were a heavy sleeper.
  • 66% of passengers questioned said they would turn up the volume on the in-flight entertainment if their neighbour is a snorer.
  • 20% of British flyers said they would give a nudge to someone snoring on a plane – and then pretend it was accidental.

Airplane Etiquette Rules for Passengers Flying around the United Kingdom