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Community Rules and Laws

For you to have a 'legal right' about something, it would need to have been empowered by one of the lawmaking legal systems in the United Kingdom.

The topics in this section cover the most popular community rules and regulations. The guidelines form part of a judicial system required to live life in a community that is safe and lawful.

Legalities Within The Community

There are certain challenges associated with Common Law in the United Kingdom.

The aim is to create safer communities and govern the legal rights to which we have access.

Community safety involves the use of special skills, superior knowledge and advanced techniques to help prevent and reduce crime in the UK.

Solving the innate problem of crime and violence is a constant challenge. It means tackling disorder and fear to develop safer communities where we can visit, live, and work

Community Regulations Guide

Bouncer Laws

They are a type of security guard who work as doormen at bars, clubs, and large social events. But, they must follow bouncer rules and regulations – even in hostile encounters and during a confrontation.


A charity, or charitable organisation, must operate as a non-profit organisation (NPO). The main objectives and rules of charities involve activities that serve the public interest or a common good.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs

Information in the section covers the processes of running a community amateur sports club. Check when CASCs need to pay tax and how to close down or deregister with HMRC.

Note: Councils may offer community-based funding and grants for projects such as activities for young people, the development of communal facilities, and volunteer programmes.

Community Safety

Local councils work with other regional public sector agencies (e.g. police forces) to reduce crime, control disorder, and to improve the safety in the community.

Note: You can contact the council about crime prevention and community safety in your neighbourhood.

Disabilities and Discrimination

Disability Rights

What exactly are your rights if you have a disability? Find out which laws protect disabled people from discrimination in the United Kingdom.

Discrimination Rights

Prejudicial or unjust treatment of divergent categories of people is discriminatory. Learn more in a guide explaining ‘discrimination your rights‘ in the United Kingdom.

Fire Safety Rules

Fire Hydrants

Community Fire and Rescue Services issue fire hydrant rules and regulations for access to fire fighting dry riser appliances. Check the legal requirements for fire hydrant location and flow rate.

Fireworks and Sparklers

Information in the section explains current fireworks laws UK and how legislation restricts the safe use of lit sparklers and standard fireworks by the public.

Note: Further details highlight how the pyrotechnic safety rules and regulations govern all professional pyrotechnic displays in the United Kingdom.

Freedom of Information Request

Anyone can use the FOIA to make a Freedom of Information request from an organisation or a public body. Check out how much it costs to make a request and how long the process takes.

Honours and Awards

The section explains how the honours and awards system works in the United Kingdom. Find out where to read the New Year honours list, including awards for BEM, MBE, OBE, and knighthoods.

Litter and Refuse

As a rule, district councils and local authorities regulate the UK littering laws. In fact, legislation requires them to keep land safe and clear of discarded garbage in their regions.

Parliament Petitions

Learn how to start a Government petition or submit a petition to your MP in the UK. Discover the principles behind parliament petition wording and how many signatures it needs.

Note: You can get involved and give your views on new or changing government policies by responding to consultations.

Raffles and Lotteries

Basic information for anyone selling numbered tickets to win prizes. Check out how to plan a lotto or raise money by running a raffle legally in the United Kingdom.

Volunteering and Placements

Information in the section explains basic rights for people who are active in volunteer placements. Check volunteering rules and restrictions and how they relate to pay and expenses for volunteers.

Note: Discover how to offer help to refugees in your neighbourhood. There are ways to help them settle in such as by running activities or offering them career advice.

Community Rules and Regulations in United Kingdom