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Payment Refund

Immigration Health Surcharge Refund

There are several reasons why you might receive an immigration healthcare surcharge refund. This guide explains how refunds get paid and how long it takes.

IHS PAYMENT REFUND: The refund for immigration health surcharge is an automatic process.

There is no special process needed because it gets refunded to the account or credit card that you used to pay it with.

Some reasons for receiving a full IHS refund include situations whereby:

In some cases you may get a partial immigration healthcare surcharge refund. They occur when a visa application is successful but:

There are some situations that mean you will not get an IHS refund. They include circumstances such as if:

How Long for IHS Refund

The first step is getting a decision on your application for a UK visa. Once that takes place it usually takes 60 to 90 days to receive IHS refunds.

Note: You can appeal or ask for an administrative review if your visa application gets refused. But, it means any refund due may take longer to receive.

IHS Appeals Process (or administrative review)

In some cases, the time it takes to get a refund can depend on where you applied from:

You would need to repay the IHS if an appeal or administrative review is successful and you already received your IHS refund. In some cases you may also need to repay a different amount such as if:

Note: Applicants should contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) if a refund does not get paid within 90 days.

Immigration Healthcare Surcharge Refund in the United Kingdom