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Immigration Healthcare Surcharge Payment

There are several ways to pay IHS payment in the United Kingdom. This guide explains how to pay immigration health surcharge online or by post.

HOW TO PAY IHS: Paying for the healthcare surcharge depends on which method you use for your visa or immigration application.

Most applicants make an immigration application online. That means you must pay the healthcare surcharge as part of that application process.

You need to complete the payment process without delay. You must return to the online immigration application within 30 minutes of payment.

You can also make an immigration application at a premium service centre. In this case, you would pay the surcharge when you book the appointment.

What of you make an immigration application by post? This means you must pay the healthcare surcharge before you complete the application.

Note: The only way to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge is by debit or by credit card.

You should prepare some details when applying online or at a premium service centre. They will want to know:

  • The start date and the end date on your certificate of sponsorship (e.g. general work visa (Tier 2).
  • The course dates if you are applying for a visa as a student.

Anyone who applies by post will also need to provide information on:

  • What type of visa your application is for.
  • Your travel document number or passport number.
  • An email address (for contact and communication).

Note: Use the GOV.UK website to pay IHS online and check if you need to pay towards your healthcare in the United Kingdom. Those in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must pay by cash at the UK embassy.

Paying IHS for Family Members

The same request for information and payment process applies to any person:

  • Applying for a visa or other immigration application with you. An example would be a dependant of yours.
  • You are applying to join or remain with who is already in the United Kingdom. Their details are not usually required if they are a UK or EEA citizen.

If you are joining someone in the UK you will need to give their leave expiry date. It could also be their IHS reference number where applicable.

How to Finish the Visa or Immigration Application
  1. You will receive an email containing your IHS reference number. The number also shows on the screen once the payment gets made. Note that you can only use the reference number once. That means you must get another one if you choose to reapply.
  2. Write the reference onto the cover of your visa application if you apply by post. Note that you must get a reference number to complete the application. You need one even if you have exemption for payment of the healthcare surcharge.
  3. The final step to finish the application is to fill in the form and pay the visa or immigration application fee.

How to Pay Immigration Health Surcharge Payment in the United Kingdom