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What is the State Pension? The UK State Pension pays a regular payment to most older people during their life in retirement.

STATE PENSION ADVICE: The government old age pension starts when you reach the official retirement age.

The year you were born determines your State Pension age. The retirement age for men is currently 65 and 60 for women.

This guide explains how to find out your State Pension age and calculate how much you might get.

You can find help and advice about your eligibility for the State Pension. Those who qualify will find the steps and procedures needed for claiming your retirement pension in the United Kingdom.

There is extra information about Pension Credit. This is an income-related benefit which combines two parts - Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit.

We also cover the important topic of pension deferment. Some people choose not to claim their State Pension but prefer to delay it for a while. You can delay claiming it once you get to 4 months away from the official State Pension age.

A to Z Guide to the State Pension 2020

Additional State Pension GuideAdditional State Pension

STATE SECOND PENSION: Information in the section explains the Additional State Pension rules. You may know it as S2P or even the old State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS).

Basic State Pension GuideBasic State Pension

UK BASIC PENSION: A guide on how to claim the basic State Pension and the amount you might get. Find out how to increase your State Pension and get advice about inheritance.

Carer's Credit GuideCarer's Credit

CARER'S CREDIT ALLOWANCE: Caring for someone means you may qualify to claim Carer's Credit. It is a weekly Class 3 National Insurance tax credit used to fill gaps in your National Insurance record.

Contracting Out of State Pension GuideContracted Out of State Pension

CONTRACTING OUT: Find out what contracted out of the State Pension scheme means to you. The guide shows how to check if you got contracted out of the Additional State Pension.

Deferring State Pension GuideDefer State Pension

DELAYED PENSION PAYMENT: The guidelines on how to delay (defer) taking up your State Pension. Find out how a deferred pension payment changes what you get as extra State Pension or as a lump sum.

Early Retirement GuideEarly Retirement

RETIRING EARLY: Taking early retirement is a viable option for many people nowadays. So, how does retiring early affect a pension and the welfare benefits you get?

Home Responsibilities Protection GuideHome Responsibilities Protection

STATE PENSION HRP: Some people may still be eligible for Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP). Find out what you might get and how to apply.

How to Complain to the Independent Case ExaminerIndependent Case Examiner

MAKING A COMPLAINT: Contact and complain to the Independent Case Examiner if you want to make a complaint about DWP services.

Kindertransport Pension RulesKindertransport Pension Rules

KINDERTRANSPORTEES: Law changes in 2008 mean Kindertransportees may qualify for an increased State Pension. Check the relationship between Kindertransport and the State Pension.

National Insurance and Tax after State Pension AgeNI and Tax after State Pension Age

NATIONAL INSURANCE: You do not pay National Insurance after reaching State Pension age. That is unless you are self-employed and paying Class 4 contributions.

NATIONAL INSURANCE CREDITS: There may be times when you cannot make your regular NI Contributions. Check how National Insurance credits help to build up your 'qualifying years'.

VOLUNTARY NATIONAL INSURANCE: Voluntary National Insurance contributions are NI installments. You can pay them by choice to top up gaps in your National Insurance record.

Pension Credit GuidePension Credit

WHAT IS PENSION CREDIT? Two elements combine to make up the income-related benefit and Pension Credit guarantee.

PENSION CREDIT CALCULATOR: The government Pension Credit calculator provides an estimate of how much you may get. The actual amount of you receive depends on family and financial circumstances.

Contact the Pension ServicePension Service

CONTACT PENSION SERVICE: Check the section explaining how to contact the Pension Service. They deal with eligibility, how to claim, pension payments, and making complaints.

FUTURE PENSION CENTRE: Get advice from the Future Pension Centre about pension forecasts. They also deal with pension statements and general enquiries.

INTERNATIONAL PENSION CENTRE: Use the International Pension Centre contact details to make pension and benefits enquiries if you live abroad.

New State Pension GuideState Pension

CHECK STATE PENSION: Use the online service as a State Pension checker to see how much you could get when you reach State Pension age.

CHECK STATE PENSION AGE: You can work out the earliest age to start receiving your State Pension. Use the online tool to check your State Pension age and qualifying age for Pension Credit.

CLAIM FROM ABROAD: Those who retire overseas can claim the State Pension abroad. Different rules apply, but you can still claim your pension while you live overseas.

DEATH OF A SPOUSE: The income rates from your benefits, tax and pension can change if your spouse or civil partner dies. This is because of the change in your family or household circumstances.

GET YOUR STATE PENSION: You can claim your State Pension online if you are within four (4) months of State Pension age or you deferred it.

NEW STATE PENSION: The section explains the new State Pension rules and regulations. Check your eligibility to get it and the procedures for claiming the State Pension.

State Pension Over 80 Years OldState Pension Over 80

OVER 80 PENSION: Turning eighty means you may qualify to get the State Pension over 80 years old. Check your eligibility and how much you could get.

State Pension Explained for Pensioners and Retirees in the United Kingdom