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Prison and Support for Mortgage Interest

Financial Support for Mortgage Interest is not available for people who go to prison. But, the partner of a prisoner might be able to claim SMI instead.

SMI: You do not qualify for Support for Mortgage Interest while in prison serving a sentence or on remand. But, your partner might.

Note: The name of your partner does not need to be included on the home mortgage to qualify for SMI.

How to Claim SMI while On Remand

You may be able to continue receiving Support for Mortgage Interest if you are single and on remand. But, to get it you must meet all of the eligibility conditions.

You cannot claim Income Support or SMI if you are part of a couple and on remand. Nonetheless, your partner can still claim for most benefit and housing costs.

Note: If you are on remand you cannot make a new claim for Support for Mortgage Interest.

Support for Mortgage Interest Payments

If you are on remand, SMI loan payments can only be made through Pension Credit or through Income Support.

You may have been getting SMI through Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance or the Employment and Support allowance. Thus, you will need to apply for one of the qualifying benefits to receive the payments.

Even so, you will only get the housing costs part of the Pension Credit or the Income Support benefits.

Note: You do not get help with interest payments for the first 39 weeks if you apply for them through Income Support.


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