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How to Get Vehicle Approval on Import

Getting vehicle approval may be necessary for an imported vehicle. You may need to prove that it is road safe and meets environmental regulations.

MUTUAL RECOGNITION: As a rule, you will need the proof of approval to register an imported vehicle.

Note: There are some exemptions from vehicle approval.

In most cases, an exemption would apply if the vehicle was first registered or manufactured over 10 years ago.

Vehicles Not Registered in the EU

There is a specific process for getting vehicle approval for one that is not registered in the EU. You will need to apply for either:

Vehicles Registered in the EU

You should get a European Certificate of Conformity if the imported vehicle is registered inside the EU. Having this certificate shows you have approval for an EU-registered vehicle. The manufacturer should be able to supply this to you.

Note: You will also need to get a certificate of Mutual Recognition for a left hand drive vehicle.

How to get a Certificate of Mutual Recognition

Government publications provide further information and the appropriate application form for:

The current fee to get a certificate of Mutual Recognition is £100. Fill in the application form and then return it to the address written on the form.

You may need to attach receipts proving that you made any required alterations. For example, if you had to fit a speedometer to display miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour.

Further Help with Mutual Recognition

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) can offer more information and guidance. They can also confirm whether a vehicle qualifies for Mutual Recognition.

Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)
Telephone: 0300 330 5797
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Check call charges to 0300 numbers.

Getting Vehicle Approval on Imported Vehicles into the United Kingdom