The UK Rules
Teaching Someone to Drive

Teaching People to Drive or Ride

Before you teach someone to drive you should check the regulations for teaching driving. This section focuses on how to set up a driving instruction business and how the different qualification processes work.

Further topics explain how to qualify for, and then become, a motorcycle or LGV driving instructor. The UK rules on driver education are stricter when lessons involve fleet driving or large goods vehicles.

Giving People Driving Lessons as a Business

Becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI) is a legal requirement before charging people for driving instruction you give to them.

There are three separate parts to take and pass before you can qualify as an approved driving instructor.

After passing the ADI part 3 test you would be able to apply for your first ADI badge online (if within 12 months of passing).

Other categories in this overview explain how to become a motorcycle instructor. Check what you would need to do to meet the qualification criteria.

Do you want to specialise in training 'fully' qualified fleet drivers (e.g. cars and vans)? If so, you would need to apply to join the voluntary register of fleet driver trainers.

And what about LGV Instructors?

A different set of rules apply to become a large goods vehicle instructor, especially if you will supervise a learner driver.

Other sections explain how to run a Driver CPC training centre or course. You can also set up delegated driving examiners to provide driving tests for employees.

Before using DVSA logos:

As a driving or motorcycle instructor (or someone who provides other types of driver training) you would need to get permission to use DVSA logos and other advertising materials or promotional merchandise.

Note: The master section elaborates further on the rules and regulations for transport and driving businesses in the United Kingdom.

Becoming a Driving Instructor

The step by step guide explains how to become an approved driving instructor (ADI). Check how long the process takes, how much it costs, and what qualifications you will need.

Further topics in this section also cover:

Qualifying as a Driving Instructor

You can book your approved driving instructor (ADI) part 1 test when your application to start the ADI qualifying process has been accepted.

It’s the first of 3 tests you have to pass to qualify as an ADI. It’s a theory test.

Driving Instruction: Teaching People to Drive in United Kingdom