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Providing Driving Tests for Employees

It is not uncommon for companies to use delegated driving examiners to provide driving tests for employees (e.g. haulage companies, the police service).

The information in this guide explains who can provide driving tests and how to get permission from the DVSA to appoint a delegated driving examiner.

Who Can Use Delegated Driving Examiners?

As a rule, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) provides and regulates the different types of driving tests.

But, you can apply to the DVSA for permission to use your own staff to provide driving tests for your employees, such as if:

  • You are a bus or haulage operating licence holder.
  • You are the emergency services (e.g. fire and rescue service).

Note: Delegated driving examiners are company staff members that provide theory and practical driving tests on buses, coaches, lorries, and emergency service vehicles for other employees in the company.

Companies with Lorries, Buses, and Coaches

If you are a delegated driving examiner working for a lorry, bus, or coach company, you would have permission to test their employees (and drivers employed by a sister company).

Note: Delegated driving examiners do not have the permission or authority to test anyone that they also trained.

The Emergency Services

Most delegated examiners work for the police services and the fire and rescue services. In this case, you would be allowed to test an employee or an employee from a similar service working in a different location.

Note: The same delegated driving examiner can provide driving tests for staff members who work in the police and fire and rescue service. But, both of the two different services must appoint the examiner with the DVSA.

DVSA Rules for Delegated Examiners

The DVSA will consider several factors before deciding whether to grant permission for the applicant to provide driving tests for your employees.

For example, they will check whether they hold a full driving licence for the type of vehicles they will be testing employees in, and whether they have:

How to Qualify as a Delegated Driving Examiner

As part of qualifying as a delegated examiner the applicant [your employee] would need to:

  • Complete the DVSA initial training course.
  • Attain an appropriate standard in the delegated driving examiner theory and practical tests.

Note: The DVSA also considers if the delegated examiner is a ‘fit and proper’ person and passed the mandatory initial training course.

Applying to Provide Driving Tests

There is a set application process to follow to get permission to provide driving tests for company employees. You would need to write or send an email to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You must include:

  • Information about your organisation.
  • What kind of driving tests you want to provide.
  • Who you want to appoint as delegated driving examiners.
Registration and Initial Training Course Fees

The current charges for DVSA approval and the registering of delegated examiners are as follows:

  • Initial 5-week delegated examiner training course is £7,500 (includes VAT)
  • Annual registration fee is £950
  • Fee for each Driver CPC part 4 test is £41

DVSA Training Academy
Harrowden Lane
MK44 3EQ

How to Keep Your Approval

The DVSA will take several factors into account when considering whether a delegated examiner can retain their approval. Besides continuing to be a ‘fit and proper’ person, they will also check if you:

  • Have committed any criminal convictions since the initial approval.
  • Have taken part in any extra professional development.
  • Still have the ability to carry out tests to the appropriate standards.

To become and remain a delegated driving examiner you would need to pass the initial training course and carry out at least forty (40) tests each year.

Note: You would get a lot more information from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency about the qualifying process when you make an application to provide driving tests.

Information about the organisation must include:
  • The full name and the registered address or headquarters address (if not a registered company) of the organisation.
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation (for registered companies).
  • A copy of the operator licence (where applicable).
  • The name, position, and the contact details of the main contact in the organisation who is responsible for driving tests.
  • Confirmation that the applicant is an approved signatory for the purposes of completing the application.
Information about the tests must include:
  • Details of the locations where testing would be taking place.
  • What licence categories and codes you want to provide after the tests (e.g. ‘category D – bus’).
  • What kind of tests you want to provide (e.g. part 1 – licence acquisition theory test, part 3 – licence acquisition practical test).
  • Where you will store the records of delegated driving test details (see below).
  • An estimate of how many tests you will provide (as a minimum) in the 12 months following an approval.

Information about the appointed examiners must include:

  • Their full names.
  • Their driving licence numbers.

How to Appoint a Delegated Driving Examiner in the United KingdomDELEGATED DRIVING EXAMINER TEAM

Delegated Examiner Section
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street
Telephone: 0115 936 6370
Email: [email protected]

After the DVSA Receives Your Application

As a rule, it will take around ten (10) working days to get a decision once the DVSA gets your application. They would then send you further information about:

  • The qualifying process.
  • The detailed rules about providing theory and practical driving tests.
  • The detailed rules about recording tests that you provide.

Recording Delegated Driving Test Details

Registered delegated driving examiners, as well as any administrators authorised by the delegated examiner, can record delegated driving test details via the Department for Transport website.

The test details you must record include:
  • Licence acquisition tests.
  • Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) practical tests.

Note: The DVSA produce further guidance on how to make, change, or cancel delegated driving examiner test notifications.

How to Pay for Driver CPC Tests

There will be a fee to pay when you record Driver CPC test details. You can either pay by debit or credit card or by debit from a pre-funded account.

Note: If you use a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency pre-funded account you can deposit funds with the DVSA in advance. That means you will be able to pay the fee by debiting the amount directly from your account.

How to Appoint a Delegated Driving Examiner in the United Kingdom