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DVSA Special Tests for ADI Instructors

You must either be an ADI or a motorcycle instructor to qualify for the DVSA special tests for instructors in the United Kingdom.

The DVSA special test is voluntary. Even so, it is an ideal way for ADIs and fully qualified motorcycle instructors to have their driving or riding skills tested to the highest standard.

Who Can Take the DVSA Special Test?

DVSA special tests are part of the approved driving instructor (ADI) professional development. It shows commitment to continuing professional development.

To take part in a DVSA special test you must either be an ADI, or:

Note: If you have become a DVSA assessed CBT motorcycle instructor (e.g. your licence is down-trained) you will not be allowed to take the DVSA special test.

Taking the DVSA Special Test

Only the DVSA training and development centre in Cardington can conduct these special voluntary courses for advanced drivers and riders. Follow the signposting to the centre once you get to Harrowden Lane.

Harrowden Lane
MK44 3EQ

Booking DVSA Special Tests for Instructors

You can download the application form from the GOV.UK website. Be sure to complete the appropriate application (e.g. ADI or motorcycle) and then send it with the relevant fee to the DVSA address:

  • ADI test fee is £144
  • Motorcycle instructor test fee is £163

DVSA Swansea Finance
PO Box 716

It is important to take your:

  • Driving licence
  • ADI certificate (or original motorcycle instructor certificate)

The vehicle that you take with you must be (either):

  • A manual or an automatic car (they allow adapted cars for ADIs with a disability).
  • A motorcycle with manual transmission and a power output of 35 kilowatts or higher.

What Happens During the Test?

DVSA special tests for instructors usually last up to ninety (90) minutes. They will include an eyesight test and a selection of:

  • General driving (or riding)
  • Manoeuvres

DVSA Special Test Results

The driving or riding skills that you get tested on result in a grading from A to D. After completion, you will also get an overall grade of (either):

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Fail

Note: Your examiner would also give you feedback on any of the driving or riding faults that you made during the assessment.

DVSA Special Tests for Approved Driving Instructors in United Kingdom