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How to Manage Your ADI Registration

Being able to manage your ADI registration online makes it easy to renew and update your details (e.g. change your name or address).

This guide explains how to display ADI registration, replace a lost or stolen badge, and how to report cautions or convictions.

Renewing or Updating Your ADI Registration

You have several responsibilities and obligations to meet when you become a car driving instructor (ADI).

One of the most important is keeping your approved driving instructor registration accurate and up to date.

Besides that, you must also display your ADI badge in the correct position when giving driving lessons in your car.

The badge needs to be clearly visible on the passenger-side edge of the front windscreen of your vehicle.

Note: an invalid ADI badge, or displaying one that does not belong to you, can result in a prosecution.

How to Renew ADI Registration

You will need to renew your registration at regular intervals to remain in teaching status, including:

  1. Getting a criminal record check via the Online Disclosures service. You must get your records checked before renewing your registration. Allow at least three (3) months for the process (but it can take longer).
  2. Renew your approved driving instructor (ADI) registration online every four (4) years.
Changing a Name or Contact Details

If you change your name of address you will need to update your approved driving instructor (ADI) registration within seven (7) days. The online service also allows you to:

Note: It costs £300 to transfer a European Union (EU) driving instructor registration to Great Britain through the Department for Transport website.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen ADI badge

If you lose your badge, or someone steals it, you cannot charge for driving lessons until you get a replacement. So, you will need to contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency without delay:

  • To begin the process of requesting a replacement ADI badge.
  • To notify the DVSA about your approved driving instructor (ADI) badge being lost (or stolen).

The DVSA will need some details and personal information from you, such as your:

  • Crime reference number issued after contacting the police (if the badge was stolen).
  • Permission to use the photo they have on file from your photocard driving licence. Otherwise, you would need to post a passport-style photograph to the DVSA.

DVSA ADI Registration
Telephone:0300 200 1122
Mail:[email protected]
(DVSA fast track service)
Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
Check call charge rates.

Note: You would need to pay the current fee for a replacement ADI certificate (badge) if lost or stolen. Send the old badge back to the DVSA if you find it at a later date.

Changing Availability for Driving Tests

You can book and manage driving and riding tests online for your pupils if you want to change when you are available for a driving test.

ADI instructors or trainers can use the DVSA practical test business service to state when they are:

  • Never available (e.g. between 9am and 11am on Wednesdays).
  • Temporarily unavailable (e.g. away on holiday).

You need to register with the DVSA to be able to book and manage theory tests and driving tests for your pupils. But, registration allows you to:

  • Book several tests at the same time.
  • Book certain types of tests without giving details about your students at the time.
  • Swap test appointments for your pupils.

How to Leave the ADI Register

You must notify the DVSA if you want to leave the ADI register (e.g. to stop giving driving lessons). To leave the register you would need to send your ADI badge to the DVSA with a cover letter (address below).

The only reason you would get a refund for any time left on your registration would be for health reasons. But, you would need to provide medical proof for the DVSA to consider issuing a refund.

Note: Some of the procedures for managing and updating approved driving instructor (ADI) registration differ in Northern Ireland.

Reporting Cautions and Convictions

You must inform the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in writing within seven (7) days if you receive any kind of driving caution or conviction. Typical examples include:

  • Being banned from working with children
  • Getting ‘bound over’
  • Having your name entered in the sex offenders’ register

Approved Driving Instructor Registrar
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street

How to Manage ADI Registration in the United Kingdom