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School Uniform Policy and Rules

Parents can request clothing changes if they disagree with the school uniform policy UK. But, be aware that your children can get disciplined for breaking school uniform rules.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: This guide has information about the uniform policy for most schools. Parents will find extra details on support for paying for the kit.

Each school determines their own policies for wearing uniforms.

This includes the design, styles and colours. But, compulsory attire worn in educational institutions must not discriminate any pupils.

Different cultures and religions exist. Prejudicial distinction should not exist on race, beliefs, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

The governor will choose the school uniform policy. It then becomes the principal’s role to enforce the rules. But, it is always important to consider the views of parents before changing to a new uniform policy.

The Department for Education issues guidance on school uniform laws in the United Kingdom. The DfE insist that all compulsory clothing policies should be ‘fair and reasonable’.

School Uniform Discipline

You can ask your child’s school to change the compulsory uniform. But, there are serious consequences for pupils who break school outfit rules.

Head teachers can discipline children for not wearing uniforms. Breaking the school uniform policy may result in a suspension or expulsion for the worst offenders.

School Uniform Policy Shows Children Wearing a Range of Different StylesHelp with Cost of Uniforms

Most schools are considerate and patient with families who are having financial difficulties. The laws for school uniforms grant extra time for buying the right clothing or kit for PE.

You may also get financial help to pay for school clothing or games kit from your local council in England.

Note: The Education Authority (EA) has further information about school uniform grants in Northern Ireland. The EA decide the qualification criteria for a grant in a way similar to free school meals in Northern Ireland.

School Uniform Discrimination

Enforcement of UK school uniform rules and regulations differ. It will depend on the educational facility your child attends. Some schools allow girls to wear trousers. Whereas, others have no problem for pupils to wear religious dress.

Note: Parents should discuss any concerns about school uniform discrimination with the head teacher.

Changes to School Uniform

There are several steps you can take if you want the school uniform changed. First, talk to the head teacher or the governors.

You can also discuss your concerns with a parent/teacher association. The Citizens Advice can help if feel forced into buying school kit from an expensive supplier.

School Safety Clothing

Children are often walking or cycling to school. Their safety is vital while traveling near traffic. Governors should consider school safety clothing when designing compulsory uniforms. Children should wear reflective materials and high visibility clothing when close to road users.

School Uniform Policy in the United Kingdom