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School Girls Sent Home for Wearing Short Skirts

The Ebbsfleet Academy says its vision is centered on raising standards for all students. But, a bit too much vision got a group of girl students sent home for disobeying the school uniform policy.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Ebbsfleet Academy headteacher enforces its school uniform policy to the letter.

But, a group of angry parents expressed their disapproval of the severe punishment handed out by the Academy.

The Kent school sent an assembly of teenage girls home for wearing mini skirts more than 5 cm above the knee.

Ebbsfleet Academy School Uniform Policy

Despite the criticism by many parents, the school has clear school uniform rules. Skirts worn by girls must be navy blue, knee-length, straight A-line or pleated.

The skirt should be of a suitable length for school, that is, no more than 5 cm (2 inches) above the knee. The high street store Marks and Spencer sell such skirts for girls up to 16 years with a price range of £8-15.

Girls Ordered Out of School

Ebbsfleet Academy headteacher ordered a large group of girls to go home on the first day of term. The father of one 14-year-old said his daughter was one of those refused entry. He said unsupervised young pupils were left standing outside the school gates.

The HGV driver from Greenhithe also said a group of girls and some boys got ordered out of the school.

It is unlikely that any of their parents knew what had happened. That means there were young children walking the streets of Kent instead of the school campus.

Most parents agreed they do not have a problem with the school enforcing their uniform policy. But many of them claim they were not given enough time to follow the rules.

One parent posted her frustration and dismay on Facebook.

She said her 15-year-old daughter got turned away for wearing a skirt that she had worn to school last term.

Ebbsfleet Academy Headteacher Defends Uniform Policy

The headteacher at the Academy said:

“The school has a clear uniform policy that we enforce. Our school uniform policies are no stricter than most others in the UK. But we are consistent in enforcing them. We warned parents about this last term. Students who chose to break the rule yesterday had an opportunity to borrow a school second-hand skirt.

The tiny minority of parents who choose to defy us, and our rules, are a minority. It is a curious parent who thinks it is acceptable for teenage girls to flash large amounts of thigh, or worse.”

The headteacher added that ‘strong leadership’ leads to higher academic standards. In fact, an Ofsted inspection praised the school for better behaviour and increased attendance.

Ebbsfleet Academy Vision and Ethos

The Academy’s vision is centered on raising standards for all students, ensuring that high expectations, a consistency in approach and high quality teaching and learning are the norm for all students.


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School Girls Wearing Mini Skirts Sent Home in Kent, United Kingdom