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Parking Fines at London Schools

Some parents are flouting stopping regulations on school runs at six primary schools. They face huge fines and a criminal conviction for doing so.

SCHOOL PARKING RULES: The controversial scheme sees its implementation made by Havering Council.

Several east London primary schools are the subject of the new school parking rules.

Repeat offenders could be handed prosecutions and convictions for their disobedience and transgression.

Havering council issued some stark warnings. They said the parking situation at many of its primary schools was putting children’s lives at risk in the east London area.

There are steep penalties for motorists who fail to follow school parking restrictions. They will receive £100 fines by teachers who will also be acting as traffic wardens.

Teachers Acting as Traffic Wardens

Parking regulation offenders can make 3 separate offences. Following that, a criminal conviction will be sought.

The head teacher at Wykeham Primary School explained about their concern for the kids’ safety. She said that a child had recently been taken to hospital.

The pupil got hit by one of the other child’s parent. It happened as they were performing a three-point turn outside the school.

Public Space Protection Order

There have already been a number of serious road incidents involving dangerous driving. It was a result of parents out on the school run to collect their children.

The schools said they were acting to prevent a fatality. There have been many near misses which could have been fatal.

One spokesperson said that prosecution is the only way to stop it. A small minority of parents are putting kids’ lives at risk.

The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) will get established and CCTV cameras will get installed.

They will also train teachers, parents, and local residents how to issue parking fines at these primary schools in east London.


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Parents Disobeying School Parking Rules Fined £100 in the United Kingdom