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Rules for Children at Home and Play

This vital section helps parents establish house rules for small kids and toddlers. The list of child safety guidelines helps to improve family life and well-being for youngsters. As parents and child guardians, there are ways to get increased safety and happiness during the most important growing years for your children.

CHILDREN’S RULES: This section covers sensitive topics about a child’s learning, safety, and happiness during their growing years.

By doing so, we can try to influence children at the time when they are most impressionable and developing maturity.

Some of this children’s rules guide includes household rules and behaviour regulations. They establish real guidelines that everyone in the family can understand and follow.

Thus, it is important for family members to achieve a balance. It allows an opportunity to get what you want – but still respect the needs of others.

The children safety sections help parents, teenagers, and small kids feel safe and secure. The categories cover child-sensitive topics about their learning and development into early adolescence.



Child Learning and Safety Guide

Childcare Support

Experiencing motherhood and raising a child can often result in a search for financial support. Review the childcare help and support section explaining how to get help with child care.

Child Employment

Legislation and child employment laws restrict young workers under 18 years of age. Check what type of work teenagers can do and for how many hours a week.

Note: All the essential laws of the United Kingdom revolve around three legal systems. Check out the rules and regulations overview section listed alphabetically from A to Z.

Fire Safety

Show your children how serious you are about fire prevention. Follow these 10 simple tips and fire safety rules for kids with emergency protocols.


Flight Safety

Flying with a Baby

How do you keep a baby or infant of 3 to 6 months happy while flying on an airplane? Use these 10 rule of thumb guidelines and tips for air travel with babies.

Flying Rules for Children

It is not easy keeping young children, tots, and toddlers happy while flying on airplanes. These 10 tips and guidelines for flying with small children should help to ease the challenge.

Games and Fun

There is no substitute for learning the official rules of board games and card games. The section provides helpful tips and regulations for playing popular and traditional games.

Halloween Safety Tips

Young children take part in the annual observance of Halloween. So, what are the basic Halloween rules and how can parents keep it safe and spooky?


It can be a tough job for many parents, but also one of the most rewarding. The parenting and parental rights is the essential guide to being a parent.

Underwear Rule

The NSPCC PANTS rule aims to prevent and uncover cases of child sexual abuse. The protective campaign book teams up with brief radio adverts issued by Council of Europe.

Writing for Children

Ethical restrictions cover the full library from baby pictorials to teenage novels. Check the rules for writing a children’s book and getting it published.



Child Learning, Safety, and Discipline Rules Overview for United Kingdom