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Making Changes to a Limited Company

You must follow the proper steps when making alterations and changes to your company information. Check who to notify if you want to make changes to your private limited company in the United Kingdom. Other guidance in this section explains who you need to inform after making a change. Check out when you must notify Companies House of certain changes and how to give them the information.

There are many changes you can make to your limited company. Providing you inform Companies House, you can:

  • Change your limited company name (after incorporation).
  • Change the address of your private limited company.
  • Make changes to directors and company secretaries.
  • Alter its business status (e.g. become a public limited company).
  • Change the company’s share structure (e.g. issue new shares).
  • Amend the company constitution and articles of association.
  • Use company assets as security against ‘charges’ or a secured loan (e.g. for mortgages and loan guarantees).

As a rule, you would need company agreement before making certain changes and alterations. In most cases, you would also need to tell HMRC about a change to your business to keep it up to date.

When to Inform Companies House

You have responsibilities and obligations when running a limited company in UK. One of them is telling Companies House if you change your company details or information.

You would need to inform Companies House within fourteen (14) days any time you:

  • Change the location of where you are keeping your company records.
  • Change any of the company secretaries.
  • Make changes to your directors or if any of their personal details change (e.g. a home address).

You can make changes to the company constitution or articles of association (details below). But, doing so means you need to tell Companies House within fifteen (15) days.

Companies House will allow up to one (1) month for you to notify them if you decide to issue extra shares in your company.

Note: You have 21 days to tell Companies House about all other changes that you make to your private limited company.

How to Notify Companies House

There are two ways to tell Companies House that you changed your company information. You can (either):


Passing a Resolution

You would need to get agreement from your company to make certain types of changes. The details in the section overview the process for shareholder voting and how to hold a resolution.

Change Limited Company Name

The section explains how to change the name of a private limited company. Find out how to register online or by post and the cost of changing a company name.

Change Limited Company Address

The guide explains how to change the address of a private limited company. Find out how you can register online or by post and the cost of changing a company address.

Changes to Directors and Secretaries

Companies House need to know about changes to directors or company secretaries. Review which of the situations apply and how to report the changes online or by post.

Changing Company Status

It is not uncommon to change the legal status of a private limited company (or type). You must register by post when changing to a public company or changing to an unlimited company.

Changing Share Structure

The page explains how to change company share structure of limited companies. Check what documents you must provide and how to register changes to company shares online or by post.

Amend Constitution and Articles of Association

There are several reasons to amend company constitution and articles of association. Check situations when you must change your constitution, how to send the changes, and the deadlines for doing so.

How to Register Company ‘Charges’

You need to understand how to register a company charge if your private limited company uses assets as security. Check the process for registering mortgages and loan guarantees with Companies House online or by post.

How to Make Changes to Your Private Limited Company in United Kingdom