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Changes to Your Company Share Structure

This page explains how to change company share structure of private limited companies. Check what documents you must provide and how to register changes to company shares online or by post.

You can make changes to your company’s share structure. But, you must inform Companies House about share changes outside an annual return.

As a rule, you would need to get agreement from your company to change company share structure. Thus, you may need a special resolution to:

  • Cancel any shares in a private limited company.
  • Change the distribution of the shares.
  • Change the ‘share capital’ of a company (the number of shares allocated and their total value).
  • Denominate the shares (change them into other currencies).

You can issue more shares in your private limited company. But, you must notify Companies House within one (1) month if you increase the share capital of your company.

Changing company share structure in any other way means you would need to report the changes to Companies House within 21 days.

Documents Needed to Change Shares

You must use certain documents to provide notice about the changes you make. So, you would need to produce a statement that declares:

  • The total number of shares held in the limited company.
  • The total value of shares held in the company.
  • How many of the company shares have already been paid for and how many have not been paid for.

Note: An accountant would refer to this information as a ‘statement of capital’. Shares in a limited company can be normal (referred to as ‘ordinary’) or they can have special rights or restrictions attached to them.

The information that you need to declare applies for each type of share that your company has. So, you will need to state:

  • What particular rights and restrictions come with any given share.
  • How many of each share types got issued by the company.
  • The total value of shares before the additional of any costs.

Note: It may be best to get help from an accountant when you prepare your statement of capital.

Register Share Changes Online

The online service allows you to file changes to shares issued by a company. You can use the online facility to tell Companies House about share changes in your private limited company.

Note: You must use postal methods to register all other changes to shares in a private limited company (PLC).

Register Share Changes by Post

A government collection provides a list of share change forms issued by Companies House. You need it for filing changes to company shares. Download the relevant form, fill it in, and send it to the Companies House address written on the document.

Note: In some cases, you may need to attach a copy of the company resolution and a statement of capital.


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How to Change the Share Structure of a Private Limited Company