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Registering Mortgages and Loan Guarantees

You need to understand how to register a company charge if your private limited company uses assets as security. Check the process for registering mortgages and loan guarantees with Companies House.

Using company assets as a form of security for an overdraft or for a loan is also called a ‘charge’.

There are several typical examples for registering company charges. But, among the most common would be to secure a mortgage for the purchase of a property.

It is not a complex task, but you would need to register details about any company charges with Companies House.

You should also include information about the actual property or projects being backed by the charge.

Once a charge gets paid, in part or in full, you must also register the changes to charges that you already registered.

Note: Company charges need registering within 21 days from when they were first set up. You would need to get a court order to register a company charge after the three (3) week deadline.

Register Company Charge Online

You can register a company charge online using the Companies House digital filing service. The cost of registering a company charge online is £10.

Register a Company Charge by Post

If the online service causes you a problem, you can also send notice of the changes to charges by postal methods.

A government collection has a list of paper forms for mortgages and loans used by limited companies to register the details about a company charge with Companies House.

Download the relevant forms, fill them in, and send them to the address written on the documents along with the current fee for registering a company charge by post.

Note: The office staff at Companies House will reject any charge application that is incorrect or incomplete.

You can give the registrar power to correct an incomplete or internally inconsistent mortgage charge document. If you register for informal correction you can avoid missing deadlines for mortgage filings.

Once you complete the registration process, Companies House will be able to contact you if they need any further information or permission to make a correction.


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