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New Ticket Tout Law Protects Consumers

UK Government introduce new rules to protect consumers against 'rip off' ticket touting. Resellers and platforms will need to provide detailed information on resold event tickets.

TICKET TOUT LAWS: New legislation affects sellers on secondary ticket websites the most. It aims to provide added protection for fans of live events.

April 2018 sees the full effect of the new ticket tout rules come into force. From then, purchasers must receive detailed information on secondary ticketing, including:

  • A disclosure of any restrictions.
  • The exact seat location.
  • The original price of the event ticket.

The government also published new guidance to help businesses adapt to the changes. It should ensure full compliance and secure a better deal for end users.

The Consumer Minister was forthright with his comments. He provided further information and 3 important points on the new ticket tout laws:

  1. It is not uncommon for people to feel ripped off when buying tickets from most resale websites. They expect to pay a fair ticket price for music festivals or stadium concerts.
  2. We are already cracking down on touts who use ‘bots’ to bulk buy event tickets for resale. The CMA is also investigating suspected breaches of consumer protection law online. Thus, it will be easier for consumers to understand what they are buying and avoid rip off ticket prices.
  3. There are extra plans to publish a Consumer Green Paper. It will examine how to help people engage with markets and find the best deals.

Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries

It is important for genuine fans to have the chance to watch their favourite stars at a price that is fair. Clamping down on touts who use bots to buy masses of tickets is the first step. It will go some way to prevent them from selling them on to consumers at rip-off prices.

Consumers will get even greater protection amid greater transparency in the secondary market. It should help the live events scene to continue and thrive in Britain.

The Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries clarified that ticket resellers must:

  • Identify the location to which the ticket provides access. In most cases this refers to a particular seat or the standing area at the venue.
  • Disclose any restrictions that may apply to the category of person who will use the ticket.
  • Disclose the original price for the ticket.
  • Reveal the details of connections they have with either:
    • The online facility on which they are selling.
    • The organiser of the event for which the ticket is being sold.

Resellers may need to supply the unique ticket number (UTN) to the purchaser. This applies if the event organiser or the primary seller specifies one. This is the first time this information has been mandatory. It will help identify the tickets seat, the standing area, or the exact location.

It shows further commitment to improve conditions for consumers in secondary ticketing. CMA is the Competition and Markets Authority. They are taking enforcement action against those suspected of breaking consumer law.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are also involved. They are investigating whether secondary ticketing websites are breaking advertising rules.

Ticket Touts and Google AdWords Service

Google announced further restrictions on ticket resellers. They require certification before advertising through Google AdWords service. The aim is to make it easier for consumers to search for tickets through the primary market.


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Ticket Touting Rules to Protect Consumers from Rip Off Pricing in the United Kingdom