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APH Airline Baggage Allowance Finder

A new online guide for baggage allowances got launched by Airport Parking and Hotels (APH). It now provides the most current information for its users.

APH APP: There are regular changes in the rules and regulations for baggage allowances.

The new APH application provides up to the minute information. It is a handy tool giving current baggage details for all web savvy flight bookers.

UK consumer air travelers will be able to select their desired airport and airline via the Internet.

It is now possible thanks to the introduction of the new dynamic online baggage allowance finder. The facility allows its users to select their desired airport and airline.

The system then returns up-to-date details of any regulations that got enforced for their flight. It aims to help 32% of travellers who admitted that packing was the most stressful part of a family holiday. That information is according to a recent APH survey.

Baggage Allowance Finder Application

The baggage allowance search result will include specific instructions on 12 different categories. They include:

The managing director at Airport Parking and Hotels quoted:

“There is an ever growing change for rules and regulations for baggage allowance. Feeling like you’re packed and prepared for a holiday has become a frustrating research task.

Being able to pack well in advance has been shown to help 36% of travellers. So, our baggage allowance finder will help more people take advantage of this for a less stressful experience. That will give them the confidence that they will avoid any excess weight charges or other shocks before they travel to the airport.”


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Airline Baggage Allowance Rules and Regulations in the United Kingdom