Baggage Restrictions on Sports Equipment

Airport security regulations are strict when you fly in and out of the United Kingdom. Check whether your airline lets you bring sports gear and games equipment on the plane in your hand luggage.

Baggage Allowances for Sports Gear

Use this guide to check whether your sports equipment gets permitted as carry on hand luggage.

In some cases sports gear can only go in the hold when you take a plane journey in or out of the United Kingdom.

As a rule the table shows the standard regulation for carrying sports equipment onto a plane. But you should always check with your airline if you are unsure.

Restrictions on Sports Gear

Sport Equipment Allowed in Hand Luggage? Allowed in Hold Luggage?
Sports Parachute Yes Yes
Bat or Sports Stick (if heavy) No Yes
Tennis Racket Yes Yes
Snooker, Pool, or Billiard cue No Yes
Golf Clubs No Yes
Darts No Yes
Walking or Hiking Poles No Yes
Fishing Rod No Yes
Catapult No Yes
Firearms (including replica firearms) No *Check with the airline in advance
Harpoon or Spear Gun No Yes
Crossbow No Yes
Martial Arts Equipment (knuckledusters, clubs, cosh) No Yes
Scuba Diving Equipment *Check with the airline in advance *Check with the airline in advance

Flight Regulations on Sports Equipment in the United Kingdom