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Motorists Unsure of Driving Abroad Rules

It appears many British motorists are 'clueless' while driving abroad. By that, we mean they are unsure of driving abroad rules and regulations.

DRIVING ABROAD REGULATIONS: They may also be putting themselves and other road users in danger when driving on foreign roads.

Studies show UK motorists are unaware of many driving abroad rules and regulations.

In fact as many as 10% believe other countries have the same road rules and regulations as Great Britain.

Most alarming is that only 50% of overseas travellers bother to check the driving rules. So the other 50 per cent are unaware of the regulations when they get behind the wheel.

Motoring Abroad Laws

It’s reasonable to accept that driving on the right-hand side of the road will be at the forefront of motorists’ minds. But, while driving abroad, other localised motoring laws are passing them by.

Go Compare is a price comparison site. They conducted the research which revealed the findings. One in 10 of travelling motorists believed the driving laws to be the same overseas as they are in the United Kingdom.

Their report discloses a worrying lack of knowledge by motorists abroad. There was more to come.

More than half of drivers on holiday overseas think they do not need extra insurance.

Three-quarters of those fail to arrange adequate breakdown cover before leave home.

European Driving Laws

What about the driving rules and regulations abroad that are specific to individual countries?

  • France: Motorists need to travel with a personal breathalyser.
  • Spain: Bespectacled drivers must carry a spare pair of glasses.

The car insurance spokesperson went on to say that drivers should check out local driving laws before travelling. This is the safest way to avoid falling foul of European driving laws.

Driving abroad rules and regulations govern speed limits and traffic signals. Local rules overseas have different restrictions than the drink driving laws of the UK.

Motorists may face on-the-spot fines or run the risk of an avoidable accident by failing to plan ahead.


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British Drivers Unaware of Driving Abroad Rules and Regulations