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Learners to get Motorway Driving Lessons

The UK Transport Secretary announced a rules change for learner drivers on motorways. Taking motorway driving instruction will be part of learning to drive a car from 2018.

LEARNER DRIVER RULES: Allowing the lessons for learner drivers on a motorway has one goal. It should help to ensure more drivers learn how to drive on motorways with safety.

It prepares them for a lifetime of safe driving by allowing learner drivers:

  1. To increase their driving experience before taking a driving test.
  2. To use the theoretical knowledge learned during the driving lessons.
  3. To get expert training on joining, exiting, and overtaking on a motorway.
  4. To practice motorway driving rules, lane discipline, and experience driving a car at higher speeds.

The old rules do not allow driving lessons on motorways until you pass the driving test. But, newly-qualified drivers can get motorway driving lessons through the voluntary Pass Plus scheme.

Learner Driver Rules Change

The rule changes apply to England, Scotland, and Wales. Learner drivers on motorways will need to be:

  1. Accompanied and supervised by an approved driving instructor (not a trainee).
  2. Driving a car that has dual controls fitted.

Motorways lessons will be on a voluntary basis. The driving instructor will decide when a learner driver is ready to have a motorway lesson.

The change allowing motorway driving lessons only applies to learners who drive cars. Learning how to ride a motorcycle will not get included in the new rule changes.

Note: Motorway driving will not be part of the new driving test changes starting 4th of December 2017.

When Can Learners Start Driving on Motorways?

Learner Drivers to Get Car Driving Lessons on Motorways in the United KingdomAdvance notification will help driving instructors and learner drivers prepare. Publicising the rule change will also warn other road users of what to expect.

The UK government have now confirmed the exact date. It takes affect starting on the 4th of June 2018. There will also be an update to the Highway Code rules on motorways.

Note: It remains illegal for a learner driver to drive on a motorway until the law changes.

Rules for Driving Instructor Vehicles

The rules are less restrictive for vehicle roof-top boxes during motorway lessons. Driving instructors can decide whether to keep their top box on the vehicle or not.

Most decisions should get based on the manufacturer instructions. But, the car must still display the traditional ‘L‘ plates on the front and rear if you remove the roof-top box.

DVSA Guidance for Approved Driving Instructors

The DVSA will not provide extra training for driving instructors on motorway lessons. But they will update learning materials and the car driving syllabus. The updated version will incorporate the changes to motorway lessons.

Extra advice will come from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. They will be working with driving instructor associations and Highways England. Their aim is to provide extra instruction and guidance for driving instructors.

United Kingdom Transport Secretary Announcement

  1. The United Kingdom has some of safest roads in the world. Everyone involved wants to make them even safer for motorists and pedestrians.
  2. As a rule, younger drivers are 7 times more likely to get killed or seriously injured than those over the age of 25. Lack of driving experience proves to be an important factor.
  3. The new rules allow learners to drive on motorways. They will do so in a supportive environment. That helps them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely. That is an invaluable experience to have before driving independently on a motorway.

Note: The UK Highway Code is essential reading for all vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, and all other road users.


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Learner Drivers get Car Driving Lessons on Motorways in the United Kingdom