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Airline Baggage Personal Items

Some of your personal items and equipment may get taken on board as hand luggage. But, certain other must be stored in the cargo hold when you fly in and out of the United Kingdom.

Baggage Restrictions for Personal Items

Check the list of prohibited items and what airlines allow to go on the plane inside hand luggage.

Musical Instruments

You should contact your airline before you book if you want to travel with a large musical instrument. In some cases you may need to make special arrangements.

This could mean paying for an extra seat. All musical instruments will get screened separately at the check-in gate.

Mobility Aids

Standard pushchairs, wheelchairs, and walking aids are usually allowed inside the airplane cabin. But, they will need to be security screened first.

Personal Items Restrictions

Personal Item Allowed in Hand Luggage? Allowed in Hold Luggage?
Corkscrew No Yes
Spoon Yes Yes
Knife (sharp pointed blade longer than 6cm) No Yes*
Small Scissors (blades up to 6cm) Yes Yes
Large Scissors (blades longer than 6cm) No Yes*
Round ended Scissors (blunt) Yes Yes
Fixed Cartridge Razor Blade (disposable) Yes Yes
Nail Clipper (nail file) Yes Yes
Tweezers Yes Yes
Knitting Needles Yes Yes
Sewing Needle Yes Yes
Umbrella Yes Yes
Walking Cane (walking aid stick) Yes Yes
Pushchair Yes Yes
Wheelchair Yes Yes
Safety Matches Yes No
Non-safety Matches No No
Fireworks, Flares, Party Poppers, Toy Caps No No
Cigarette Lighter No* (in a plastic liquids bag) No
Contact Lens Solution Yes (up to 100ml) Yes

*Check with your airline. The same applies if you have battery-powered wheelchairs or mobility aids.

Baggage Regulations for Personal Items and Equipment in the United Kingdom