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'Netball Scoring System: How to Score Odds and Evens Game'

SCORES AND SCORERS IN NETBALL: Learn how to use the 'odds and evens' scorekeeper system in netball matches.

This section explains how to record netball scores after players score goals. We also clarify when and how to call the next center pass to the umpire (if required*).

As you learn how to score in netball matches, you will get familiar with the scorer system. The unique format is 'Netball Odds and Evens game'.

The counting system determines which team will take the center pass. It is also connected to the important role of the timekeeper in netball.

There should be two scorers in netball games and they work closely together. But, the official card scorer roles for the match go to scorer number one (1).

Scoring in Netball

Scorekeeper in Netball Scoring Example:
Team A has won the coin 'toss' and they then decide to take the first center pass.

The chief card scorer in netball puts an 'E' for EVENS in the 1st quarter box next to Team A. They will have the first center. An 'O' for ODDS goes to Team B. The score of Nil is an even number, so Team A takes the first centre pass.

Cross out the existing number after a team scores a goal and insert the new score. To calculate team for the next center pass, i.e. 5 + 9 = 14 is an even number, so the next center pass would be Team A.

Ensure both scorers agree the score if your duties include using the scoring system in netball. Then, mark these scores in to the boxes at the bottom of the netball score sheet. Make sure the umpire signs your score card.

Netball Scores and Netball Scoring System


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Netball Scoring System: How to Score in Netball