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Team Handball Court Dimensions

'Handball Court Measurement: Ground Boundaries of Throw Ball'

THE HANDBALL COURT: Team Handball field dimensions diagram shows the rectangular playing area. An indoor throw ball court should also have a hard surface.

Modern handball court dimensions in meters should measure 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. The handball ground measurement converts to 44 x 22 yards or 131 x 66 feet.

Beginners and players can use this information to become familiar with the standard handball court size.

This guide also lists handball goal post dimensions and line markings.

Keep reading to learn more about team handball court dimensions. It will also help you understand the player positions in handball.

This information is according to the game's top governing body. It is the International Handball Federation (IHF). Find out how the standardized handball rules and regulations link with player roles on the pitch.

Team Handball Court Diagram

Team Handball Court Diagram and Dimensions in MetersThe ground and playing area should have a sturdy surface. It must be rectangular measuring 40 meters long and 20 meters wide.

Goal Dimensions: The internal goal measurement is 2 meters (6.56 feet) from the floor to the underside of the top bar. It is 3 meters wide (9.84 feet) between each side post.

We call the goal line at each end the 6 meter line. It divides an area between the goalkeeper and the rest of the outfield players.

A 7 meter line marks the spot for penalty shots. Penalties follow fouls committed on players who had a clear shooting chance on goal.

In standard measurement of handball field dimensions there is a 9 meter line. The 'free-throw line' is a curved dotted line extending from the goal marking. You can also get familiar with more handball terms and phrases. Play resumes from this line when fouls occur inside the goal zone.

The Handball Ball

The ball used in team handball should be leather or a synthetic material. It must be spherical in shape. For safety, the outer surface of the ball must not be shiny or slippery.

Handball Ball Size and Circumference

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Handball Ground Measurement

Team Handball court measurement is much bigger than those used in standard basketball rules. The size of handball pitch dimensions should measure 20 x 40 meters. All handball court markings should be prominent and of the same color.

Handball court dimensions in meters should have line markings which are 5 centimeters (2 inches) thick. The only rule exception is that the goal line should be 8 centimeters (3 inches) thick.

Handball Lines

The longest outer boundary court markings are Sidelines (or touchlines). Whereas, the shorter boundaries are Goal Lines or End Lines.

Handball Background Measurement

A one meter zone should exist outside the measurement of handball ground and field boundary marking. It should be free of obstacles to allow for safe throwing of the ball.

Center Line

The center line is a halfway line parallel to the goal lines and equidistant from both. The game begins from a mark in the middle of the center line. The same spot restarts the match after half time or when a player scores a goal.

Free-throw Line

The Free-throw line is a dashed arc outside the D-zone. Its furthest point is 9 meters from the outer end goal line. Players resume the game from the free-throw line. That takes place after any illegal fouls committed on the opposing team's attackers.

Penalty Mark

The one meter wide Penalty Mark measures 7 meters in front of the goal line. It is the zone where opposing players take their penalty throw.

Handball Goal Dimensions

The handball regulation goal size is a six meter (19' 8") D-shaped zone. It is part of the standard handball court markings. Two quarter-circles (radius 6 meters) and a short straight line join them together.

The six meter line handball rule states that the defending goalkeeper is the only player allowed to stand inside the crease. Players can jump into their opponent's goal area. But, only if they release the ball before they land.

Goalkeeper Line

There is a Goal Keeper line drawn four meters away from the goal. It marks the outermost distance to which the defending goalkeeper can go. The goalie, in handball terminology, can move out from the goal area during a penalty throw.

Handball Goal Post Size and Net

There must be a goal centered along each goal line. The internal goal dimensions measure 3 meters wide by 2 meters tall. The depth of the goal should measure two meters back from the goal line. Goals that get bolted to the floor or to a wall are ideal.

According to the codified handball rules and regulations, the upright posts and crossbar should be aluminum or wood. The handball goal post measurement is 8 centimeters wide. The paint colour of these three rods should alternate (striped). The common colours should contrast with each other and with the court background.

The handball net should be securely fixed to the posts and crossbar so that a thrown ball will remain inside.

Handball Court Substitution Area

The substitution area should be situated in the center along one sideline of the court. It extends 4.5 meters (5 yards) each side from the halfway line. Players must leave or enter the handball court area from the substitution line.


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Team Handball Court Dimensions: Diagram of Ground Size Measurement in Meters