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Do you need a quick and simple answer to some popular questions in golf? This page lists the most common and frequently asked questions about golfing rules. You should find the answer you are searching for in this golf FAQ section.

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What are FAQs?

FAQs are frequently referred to as the five (5) ‘Ws’. They comprise who, what, when, where, and why? Often, ‘H’ (how?) takes an inclusion as the sixth and occasionally you will see a seventh (how much?).

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How Old is the Game of Golf?

Most golfers consider the Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland, to be the birthplace of golf beginning around 1574. Members later modified and reduced the old ‘links’ course from 22 holes, creating the standard 18 hole golf course at St Andrews in 1764.

Where was the First Game of Golf Played?

A 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament appears to be the first documented mentioning of golf in Scotland, United Kingdom. An edict issued by King James II of Scotland prohibiting the playing football or golf to avoid distraction from their military and archery practice.

How Many Players are on a Golf Team?

A golf team is typically called ‘foursomes’. The game may be played as a match play or stroke play event.

Fourball matches are played between two teams of two players each. In ‘fourball better ball’ every player plays their own ball and for each team. The lower score on each hole counts for that particular pairing.

How Do You Score in Golf?

Scoring in golf revolves around ‘par’. Par for a course usually ranges between 70 and 72 shots and is the number of shots (or strokes) a top-class golfer is expected to take to play each hole based on its length and difficulty. Par also refers to an expected total of shots for the whole round of 18 holes, for example ‘Par 72’.

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What is Four Ball Match Play in Golf?

As a rule, four-ball golf matches are used in professional match play competitions. Fourball golf games consist of two teams of two golf players competing directly against each other. In this format, each golfer plays their own ball throughout the round, meaning that all four balls are in play during the normal round. The lowest number of strokes is the given score for each team and a given hole.

What is a Foursome in Golf?

A golfing foursome, often called alternate shot, is a golf match where golfers compete in teams of two, using one ball, and taking alternate shots until the hole is completed.

What is a Greensome in Golf?

Greensomes, sometimes called Scotch Foursomes, follows the same format as foursomes except that both players tee off on every hole. The better ball is chosen and alternate strokes are then played to complete the hole.

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