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Golf Rules and Regulations

Check out the basic golf rules and regulations made easy for beginners. The guide is certain to get you aiming in the right direction and off to a flier.

GOLF REGULATIONS: This is a straightforward approach to the laws of the game.

It’s basic rules of golf made it easy for beginners to understand. It covers the most important golf range of rulings and golfing explanations.

Even so, this simplified golfing guide should not get used as a substitute for the Official R & A Rules of Golf.

It focuses on the most common encountered situations. That means you will ‘get a grip‘ and find it ‘par for the course‘. As a rule, the aim of golf is not difficult to understand.

Some critics describe the game as a good walk spoiled! Of course we disagree and start by outlining the aim of golf. Golfing is an attempt to strike a small ball from a specific point into a distant hole. Players do so using the fewest number of shots and then repeating this process 18 times.

Golf rules and regulations are unique in so many ways. But, none more so than the fact that a golfer’s opponent is rarely an actual person.

You might say that the enemy is the course and its ‘hazardous surroundings‘. The true sportsmanship shown in the game gets emphasised even further. In fact, all players keep their own score and must apply the rules of golf game by themselves.

As a rule, golfing referees and umpires get used only at the highest levels. That includes all professional tournaments and competitions. This is why knowing the basic regulations and rudimentary laws of golf is essential to play the game.

Note: Golfers must use golf rules with fairness and integrity. Honesty and decorum are the foundations of the sport.

Golf Regulations for Scoring

Players must keep an account of their own – and their playing partner’s – scores and rule infringements. The most common scoring in golf is strokeplay. It gets represented by the number of shots taken at the ball throughout all eighteen holes.

Bobby Jones was one of the finest ever American golfers. He once said “the customs and etiquette in golf are as important as the rules themselves”.

Rules of Golf UK for Hole Scoring

  • An Albatross is scoring three shots less than par on any hole.
  • An Eagle is two shots under par.
  • A Birdie is one shot less than par.
  • A Bogey is one stroke more than par.
  • A Double bogey is two strokes more.
  • The Triple bogey is three strokes more.

Note: Brush up on 100s of golf words with explanations in our list of golfing terminology listed from A to Z.

Scores get based around ‘par for the course‘. Par represents the number of shots a top golfer takes to complete a round – usually 72 strokes. Each hole has a designated number of shots – par 3, 4, or 5 – as a rule and totaling 70-72 for most eighteen hole golf courses.

It’s based on the hole’s distance from tee to green and its degree of difficulty. Thus, shooting eighty strokes on a par seventy two will result in a score of eight over par.

Rules and Regulations of Golf Courses

All standard golf courses have a teeing area and a grassy fairway. There is a green at the end of the fairway. This is where the ‘greenskeeper‘ places a hole.

By and large, all courses will contain 18 holes. You play your first shot on hole #1 by placing the ball on a tee peg. Players then hit the ball down the fairway towards that hole’s green.

Each hole is unique and may have varying degrees of difficulty based on the hazards in play. The danger could be water, long rough grass, or sandy bunker traps.

Even so, the majority of any fairway should be short cut grass leading to the flag-stick target on the green. Most golfers take around 4 hours to walk and play a typical 6,000 yard course with 18 holes.

This is an introduction to the dos and don’ts of golf rules UK. It should benefit anyone who is new to the sport and any inexperienced spectators. This insight should show that the rules of golf are not as hard to learn as you may have once thought.

We will continue this guide with more regulations of golf following soon. You will need to know what happens when your ball finishes in a water hazard. The golfing rule book also explains how interference from immovable obstructions gets regulated.

Advanced Golf Rules and Regulations


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Golf Rules Made Easy for Beginners in the United Kingdom