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Golf Etiquette Tips

Displaying care and considerate behaviour for other golfers is an integral and inseparable part of the game both on course and at the 19th celebration hole.

GOLFING ETIQUETTE: Golf Etiquette is all about respect and fairness.

Golf relies on the integrity, honor, and decorum of its participants.

This is because, for the most part, the game is played without the supervision of an official umpire or referee.

Care for the Course
Keeping Pace
Consideration for Other Golfers

Irrespective of the level of your competitiveness, caring for the course and abiding by the rules of the game is the fundamental basis of polite and fair golfing etiquette.

When players conduct themselves with discipline and courteous manners, it denotes a level of sportsmanship and protocol that separates the superior values of golfers from the rest.

Much like the Golden Rule of Life – The series of guidelines in the game exist to show other players a degree of fairness which you would expect to receive in return.

The unparalleled propriety is displayed through proper repairing and the replacing of divots and pitch marks, raking bunkers, awareness of your shadow, respect for the course, being quiet while fellow golfers are playing their turn, and not least retaining a code of conduct which allows golf to retain its international sporting values.

If we try to sum up golf course etiquette in its simplest and shortest explanation; you might say its all about showing uninterrupted courtesy and consideration to all others on the course.

Golf Course Etiquette Explained Simply for Beginners