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Badminton Rules for Kids

Small kids and juniors will improve several motor skills when they join in the fun. Eye-hand coordination, agility, throwing, and catching are all part of the junior badminton game. The object of the game remains unchanged even in badminton rules for children. Each player hits the birdie with the racket.

BADMINTON FOR JUNIORS: Few competitive sports are kids-friendly for families as much as badminton.

Arm yourself with the basic badminton equipment list.

You need a net, a few rackets, and a shuttlecock for a family game of badminton.

Badminton rules for kids differ only slightly from the same regulations that adults follow.

That means children will soon get an understanding of the game.

Once small children learn the basic rules of badminton they will be able to practice some of the advanced skills in the game (e.g. the jump smash shot).

Badminton for Children Overview

There is no difference in badminton games for kids or juniors on the number of participants. That means children can play a game of singles or doubles.

One person stands on either side of the net for a game singles badminton rules. Whereas, two players stand on either side of the net for badminton doubles games.

Kids use the same shot techniques as grownups. The aim is to make it difficult for the opponent to hit the birdie back. Young badminton players can only hit the shuttlecock once to get it over the net.

Note: The birdie can make contact with the net providing it makes a path over the net. But, even the rackets of young juniors should not touch the net.

Badminton Playing Field for Kids

The standard badminton court measurement is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. You may need to modify the size of the badminton court for kids and small children.

As a rule, you should make it fit the space you have available, particularly if you set up the net in a backyard.

The net is 5 feet high in adult games. You might decide to lower it or remove it completely. But, you should still divide the court into two halves even for children’s games.

Try to divide each half to form two more halves in each side. This is important for serving the shuttlecock.

Serving and Hitting the Shuttlecock

You should get familiar with the official rules for serving in badminton. Children need to learn that the serve ends when the shuttlecock touches any part of the ground. This rule applies whether it lands in bounds or out-of-bounds.

Scoring Badminton for Children

One point gets awarded for winning a rally and when your opponent commits a fault, as a rule. Typically, a match consists of three games playing to 21 points in each game.

But you should have a two point margin to avoid playing on to 29 and 30 for sudden death deciders. As a rule, badminton games for kids should follow the same scoring rules as competitive tournaments.

Badminton Rules for Kids: Racket Sizes for Adults and JuniorsBadminton Faults and Lets

There are 5 badminton fouls which players should try to avoid making:

  1. Contact Fault
  2. Over the Net Fault
  3. Service Fault
  4. Receiver Fault
  5. Double Hit

In the rules of badminton for kids a ‘let‘ may get called for a:

  • Shuttlecock getting stuck in the net.
  • Server serving out of turn.
  • Situation where one player was not ready.
  • Decision that is too close to call.

Badminton Modifications for Kid

Smaller kids might have trouble hitting the shuttle with a standard size badminton racket:

  • You might allow kids to serve from a position nearer to the net?
  • You might be able to buy a larger shuttlecock?
  • Try to find a supplier of rackets with shorter handles and a larger head. That will make the racket easier to swing and strike the birdie.

WORLD JUNIOR BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS: The Badminton World Federation (BWF) organises the annual tournament for young badminton players under the age of 19. The competition takes place in Huelva, Spain (October 17-30th).

Rules of Badminton for Kids and Juniors