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Jump Smash Shot in Badminton

Leap into this badminton smash tutorial full of badminton jump smash tips. It explains the best smash technique and the merits of playing a powerful jump smash shot.

HOW TO JUMP SMASH: The jump smash is a potential winning stroke.

But, beginners should first master the basic badminton smash. You can then move to the next level by practicing this advanced attacking maneuver on court.

Your coach will teach you all the best smash techniques and training tips available. Even so, you will still need to practice – a lot!

Jump Smash Badminton Tips: Brush up on all the forehand strokes techniques. It will set you on the right path for making match winning jump smash shots.

The Perfect Badminton Smash Shot

How to Jump Smash in Badminton: Tips for BeginnersThe badminton jump smash is a powerful offensive and attacking shot in the game. All professional players use it as part of their repertoire of shots in the bag.

It gets performed in mid-air and often with a steep angle of approach. Shots reaching over 400 km per hour are not uncommon by the top players.

Playing a true jump smash requires perfect timing of a simultaneous jump and smash. You also need superb agility and tremendous power applied during the stroke.

Mastering the smash shot in badminton will not happen overnight. You may need some proper coach training drills to help you make an effective execution of the stroke. It will involve hours of practice and some physical smashing effort on the court.

Badminton Smash Technique and Tips

Timing your leap to perfection is the most difficult part to master. Nonetheless, you will get there with patience, dedication, and a little tuition from your teacher.

It may surprise you how the sequence all comes together with a ‘precisely‘ timed jump and a formidable smash down onto the shuttle.

Tip 1. Sequencing the Smash

Start by focusing on the correct sequence and badminton smash techniques. Begin your practice sessions by making short leaps:

  • Aiming behind the shuttle is the first part.
  • The leap soon follows.
  • Then stretch out your non-racket arm and raise your legs.
  • Using a forehand grip make a smooth, relaxed, and balanced swing.

Tip 2. Raising Your Arms

Grip the racket ‘lightly‘ when you raise your arms. Otherwise, it tends to limit your wrist movement. Make sure the racket will not slip out of your hand when you swing.

But, you should always avoid gripping it too tight. When you have the right technique the non-racket arm should counter the weight of the racket arm.

Tip 3. Jumping Smash Technique from the Air

Making the jump is best performed by using good badminton footwork. Use your racket foot to push your body up into the air. Include all these stroke tips in your training technique to help you improve.

  • Relax your body and try not to tense your muscles.
  • Take a deep breath and fully extend your chest.
  • Stretch out your non-racket arm as you gently bend your legs.
  • Avoid forcing this move and try to let it happen ‘naturally‘ with a full arm swing.

Tip 4. Hitting the Shuttle

Time your jump to reach the highest contact point possible while retaining your balance and control. Hit behind the shuttle with your racket sweet spot to drive it downwards as you swing your racket forward.

Badminton Jump Smash Tips: Contract your abdominal muscles – badminton players with strong abs smash hard!

Tip 5. After Playing the Jump Smash

  • Follow through with your swing until the smash gets completed.
  • Land ‘softly‘ back on the court and maintain your stability.
  • Your racket foot should get placed in front as you land onto the ground.
  • Maintain body balance and recover back to your base position without delay.

Using the Badminton Smash Shot

Most pro players agree on the best time for playing the jump smash shot in badminton. Use it most when your opponent makes a poor quality return to you. Poor returns tend to fly the shuttlecock high in the air – landing somewhere at your mid-court.

That is the best time to hit the badminton jump smash and win rallies. But, you are unlikely to get too many bad returns from a decent opponent. Thus, play a smart game and vary your badminton shots and you will create good chances.

Jump Smash Badminton Tips for Beginners