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Bucket Brigade Copywriting Technique

There are few copywriting secrets left to master in content marketing. But, learning how to use Bucket Brigades helps to decrease bounce rates and increases time on page.

Using Bucket Brigade phrases is not difficult. Yet, it is one of the easiest ways to transform a 'dull' web page into something quite 'magical'.

How to Use Grease-Slide Copy in Writing?

Let’s start off by explaining the origin of the Bucket Brigade meaning. In essence, it is a human chain – or a sequence of events.

The exact definition of a Bucket Brigade is a line of people who pass items along a line to one another.

For example, in olden days, firefighters would pass buckets of water along the line to put out a fire.

In a similar way, Bucket Brigade copywriting techniques pass readers through website content. Hence, the action of ‘keep it going’ becomes unstoppable.

So, here’s the magic:

That last ‘4 word phrase’ is a perfect example of how to use Bucket Brigade copywriting tactics. Simply put, it is a grease-slide snippet that helped the reader [you] glide through the content.

These engaging tactics transition the reader. It guides them from the top, sliding along and through the lines, all the way down to the footer at the bottom of a page.

Bucket Brigades Technique

In writing, Bucket Brigades are synonymous with grease slide copy. Many bloggers refer to the SEO strategies as a magnetic writing technique.

In essence, it helps to turn typical ‘page skimmers’ into committed readers by keeping them glued to the content of the actual article.

Let’s take a closer look:

The ‘keep reading’ words do not function in the exact same way that transition words do. That being said, using Bucket Brigade SEO and phrases does help to create a smooth transition.

The ‘bridge’ fulfills an important role. It greases or lubricates the movement between paragraphs and sentences.

All good copywriters want to curtail friction in their copy. As a result, they will stitch together phrases, sentences, and paragraphs as one seamless performance.

What’s the bottom line?

You want to grab your readers’ attention right at the top of the page with an amazing introduction. Next, having hooked them in, you want them to feel that they cannot stop reading.

So, much like writing a novel, the tricky part is holding their concentration until they reach the end of the article or blog post.

Note: Copywriters always use grease-slide copy in their sales letters. The best bloggers would never dream of writing a post without them. Now, you can start to use the Bucket Brigade technique and join in on the fun.

Best Bucket Brigades Examples

Here are a few generalised Bucket Brigade words and phrases that would fit nicely into the content of almost all news articles and websites:

  • So, here’s the deal:
  • You might be wondering:
  • And how does that work?
  • It gets better/worse:
  • Simply put:
  • But here’s the kicker:
  • Want to know the best part?
  • We’re not through yet:
  • Here’s the step-by-step process:

The use of Bucket Brigades as a copywriting powerhouse can fulfill several purposes. The additional ‘time on site’ spent by readers should help you earn more money from an online business.

How does that work exactly? Well, for starters, you should be able to convert more sales (e.g. Google AdSense) the longer you keep people on your website.

Using Bucket Brigade Tactics for SEO

As a budding copywriter, you will want to garner as much information as you can. You should be absorbing all the SEO copywriting tips you can find.

You can make use of our handy list of grease-slide phrases below – or you can create your own snippets to keep readers engrossed.

Either way, Bucket Brigade writing helps to engage readers. The best part is being able to transform a mundane message into a debonair delivery.

Want to know the best part?

The Bucket Brigade copywriting technique is a great tool for Search Engine Optimisation. Here are some ways it helps to drive traffic:

  • Better RPMs (revenue per 1000 impressions) equates to increased ad revenue.
  • Increased time on page usually means a reduced bounce rate.
  • A combination of all these can mean a higher position in the search results (SERPs).

As a rule of thumb, readers spend more time reading web content if it has value. Many SEO experts also believe that ‘time on site’ is a reliable indicator of a high quality website.

There is no obvious reason to disbelieve that search engines think differently. So, it could be important to accept that ‘average session duration’ may well be a ranking signal.

When and How to Use Bucket Brigades

There are numerous untold or hidden secrets in content marketing. But, the fact that readers get distracted while they read (often bored) is no enigma.

For example:

Try reading through your own content. Can you identify areas where you get sidetracked? If not, using web tools like ‘heat maps’ can help you find the weak areas (hot and cold).

These ‘cool’ or uninteresting sections make ideal spots to grease the slide. This is where you can use one of the Bucket Brigade phrases to re-energize readers.

Common places to use these nifty copywriting strategies include areas where:

  • A thread within the story is about to transition to another major part of the article.
  • Reader interest begins to slump. You can even try to entice your web visitor with a minuscule call to action.
  • The content is transitioning to a new concept. It should still relate in continuation. But, there’s no harm in adding an element of suspense or using a curious connector.

Insert ‘grease slide phrases’ by themselves. Make sure the slippery snippet is on its own line when using Bucket Brigades. But, a word of caution for novice writers:

Note: Place a limit on the number of Bucket Brigades used in small blog articles (we suggest one per 300 words at the most). The use of headings, subheadings, and images also help to keep the reader sliding along.

Finding Pages to Implement Grease-slide Copy

Here are some tips if you are not sure where to start adding the fragments to existing pages. You should have a Google Analytics account (if not, why not… it’s free to use).

Spend a few moments searching through your GA account to find the landing pages. It will show the bounce rate of each post along with the lowest time spent on each page.

Prepare yourself for a shock!

It may be a nasty surprise if this will be the first time you see the results of your Google Analytics account. If not already set by default, use the previous 30 day setting as a time frame.

Start off by looking at the top ten landing pages driven by traffic. Go ahead and inspect the page with the lowest time on page and the highest bounce rate. This is the ideal place to put Bucket Brigade copywriting techniques to good use.

Another word of advice. Some articles, like craft or recipe blogs, have a high bounce percentage and low time on site. This is due, in part, because the web visitors will be checking on food ingredients or materials.

These web pages may not be ideal for grease-slide strategies. But, it would have highlighted the need to address some other SEO issues.

Note: Are you ready to start writing content for websites and use these new copywriting tips. Here is a long list of Bucket Brigade phrases to access and use at strategic intersections.

Bucket Brigade List of Examples

This first section contains example phrases that act as general Bucket Brigades. Thus, it would be appropriate to use them anywhere within the content:

  • Do I have your attention?
  • I can explain…
  • Check this out:
  • Trust me, you haven’t seen this before.
  • Think about that for a minute…
  • But wait, there’s more!
  • We’ve all been there:
  • Last time we checked:
  • We’ve all done it:
  • I know the feeling:
  • I’ve been there:
  • OK, I know what you’re thinking:
  • What happened next was unthinkable:
  • Consider what this could mean for you and for your family:
  • Now put yourself in my shoes:
  • But that’s only part of the story:

Bucket Brigades Used in Introductions

  • Do you want to learn how to… ?
  • Think about this for a moment:
  • Have you ever found yourself… ?
  • The secret?
  • Imagine what it would be like:
  • You’re in a never-ending battle:
  • Have you wondered why… ?

Bucket Brigades Used in the Body

  • Let’s get started:
  • So let’s begin:
  • Let’s get this show on the road:
  • So here we go:
  • Here’s an interesting fact:
  • So let’s get down to it:
  • Let’s jump right in:
  • Imagine this:
  • So let’s get to it:
  • Fun fact:
  • So let’s get down to business:
  • Let’s dig a little deeper:
  • So let’s take a closer look:
  • Let me explain:
  • Here’s the truth:
  • Let me show you how:
  • Want to see how it works right now?

Bucket Brigades Used in the Summary

  • In short:
  • In essence:
  • All in all:
  • In truth:
  • So what does all this mean?
  • Let’s recap:
  • To sum up:
  • But the bottom line is this:
  • So it all adds up to this:
  • In a nutshell:
  • Go solve it:
  • So give it a go:
  • Now go out and do it:
  • Now it’s your turn:
  • So take the next step:
  • Best get started with it:
  • The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you:
  • But don’t only take my word for it:
  • And the outcome…
  • But that’s for another post:
  • And that’s it!
  • But that’s another story:
  • And that was only the beginning:
  • But that’s only the tip of the iceberg:

Bucket Brigades Copywriting Technique Examples and Tips