How to Make Money with AdSense Website

Fact: It is possible to make money with Google AdSense. But, you will need a functioning website or a blog that attracts visitors.

GOOGLE ADSENSE: A money-making AdSense website will need at least a few hundred visitors a day. In reality, it should be getting thousands of hits per day.

This guide is for those who want basic information about making money with AdSense websites. It will help Google AdSense beginners grasp it.

Can you make money with AdSense on your website or blog? Yes, it is possible to make money with Google AdSense!

That said, most publishers earn very little or make no money at all. It is easy to be a disappointed blogger and blame Google and AdSense.

How Simple Websites Work with AdSense

Publishing Google AdSense on a non-performing website will not make big money. Nonetheless, having a small AdSense income can be a great motivating factor. It can lead you and your website or blog onto greater things.

Having AdSense on a website will NOT in itself help to get more visitors. It will not give you a better SERP position per se (search engine ranking position). The Google search side of any business is independent to that of AdSense – so the experts say!

The reason you need visitors in the thousands is a matter of simple arithmetic. Let’s look at an example of how to make money with AdSense on your website.

  • Your website or blog gets 100 real visitors per day (basic estimation).
  • Most AdSense publishers work on an assumption of 4% click on an AdSense unit (advert).
  • The value of clicks vary. But we will use a click value of $0.25 for this example.
  • Thus, the income would be 4 clicks (100 x 4% as above) paying $0.25 per genuine click through.
  • That would create a total earnings of $1.00 for that day.

Some website owners might be happy and satisfied with that as a good income. But, website development varies, along with their earnings potential.

Warning: When Not to Sign Up for AdSense

How to Make Money with AdSense WebsiteThere would be very little point in signing up for Google AdSense if:

  • Your blog or website only gets a handful of visitors each day.
  • The majority of visitors to your site are family, friends, and acquaintances.

Note: It will raise a few alarm bells if the same people click ads over a few days, or even in one 24 hour period.

If that happens you will risk complete exclusion from using Google AdSense. You can be immediately excluded or at sometime in the future.

How Google AdSense Detects Invalid Clicks

Google robots have an efficient ‘invalid click‘ finding mechanism. They use the checks to protect the interests of advertisers and for the benefit of publishers.

Google’s primary responsibility is ensuring Advertisers do not get conned. False or invalid clicks are bad for the industry on any level. None more so than for those who want to build their business based on AdSense.

You should accept that your website or blog is part of that same triangle. Google needs advertisers and publishers need Google. Likewise, paying advertisers like quality website content.

You could say that Google AdSense is the middleman. It links you with advertisers. You earn money from your website and advertisers get to sell their products or push their brand. There is an amount of trust and professionalism inside that triangle.

The Triangle: AdSense, Adwords, Publishers

Advertisers subscribe to Google Adwords, which is the other half of AdSense. Publishers provide the means for all 3 to benefit from this Internet based business.

  1. Your website uses Google AdSense to show adverts for advertisers.
  2. Google AdSense uses your website or blog as a platform for advertisers to advertise their brand or service.
  3. Advertisers use Google to access your website presence and popularity.

In simple terms, follow the rules of Google AdSense and your paymasters. They are the advertisers who put their trust – and their money – into the Google Adwords system.

Google AdSense: How to Make Money with AdSense Website