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The Rules of Life and Living

Many would argue that without rules the human race may not be here today! So what are some of the most basic rules of life and living?

UNWRITTEN RULES FOR LIFE: It’s true, there are many rules laid down to help people understand how to live life.

They include the written form preached by many respected and revered authors.

There are also many ‘unwritten’ rules which are even more realistic than some of the general written rules of life.

In simple terms, this information is about the various recommendations and rules made for life and living.

It is best for you to determine which are good for you. You can also decide which rules may also get broken for the better (from time to time).

Spoken, Written, and Unwritten Rules of Life

There is one common problem relating to the general rules about life and living. It is that different religions and interests want to claim the rule as being their own!

And of course, they either adapt or change the rule in some way to make it look ordinal and not a copy of the original. That fact makes it more or less impossible to resource the real origin or originator of the rule.

  • The Golden Rule of life.
    • The Golden Rule is usually seen the most important rule in life, yet we all break it from time to time. Human nature itself does not allow for this rule!
  • The Silver Rule of Life.
    • The Silver Rule of life is almost a contradiction or certainly a negative take on the Golden Rule. If anything, it is slightly easier to ‘obey’ than the Golden Rule.
  • The Bronze Rule of Life.
    • One of the most controversial offerings of the rules of life. It allows for – or even suggests – that revenge feeling are essential for life and civilisation to proceed!
  • 10 Simple Rules of a Happy Life.
    • 10 Rules to Happiness – It sounds a little cliché but applying some of these uplifting priorities – or all 10 – might make the difference you have been looking for.
  • The Ten Commandments.
    • Some of the commandments are enshrined in criminal or civil law; many are totally ignored in many aspects of life!
  • Never be Afraid to Make Mistakes
    • If Edison had given up after his first electric bulb light failure, we would all have been in the dark for much of our lives!
  • Learn from your Mistakes
    • Most business people will be honest and admit to making a large number of mistakes in their life. The secret of success is to learn from those mistakes
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    • There are very few people who are actually born with natural talent. Most experts have normally practiced hard and long to make perfect.
  • Never Judge a Book by its Cover.
    • This rule covers many aspects of life, and is not just a ‘visual’ rule to be aware of. Many things ‘sound’ good, but inside the sound bites are the realities!


Golden Rule of Life: Is it possible to only do unto others as you would like them to do unto you?
Rules for Happy Living: Life changing moments rarely happen overnight, so what is a happy life?
Silver Rule of Life: The Silver Rules of Life may be easier to personally enact than the Golden Rule.
Unwritten Rules of Lifestyle: Many argue that without rules the human race may not be here today!

The Rules of Life and Living Explained