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Life Rules to Live By for Being Happy

Life changing moments rarely happen overnight. One thing is certain, they do not occur without a little physical or mental input.

10 RULES OF HAPPINESS: Ten simple rules to a happy life sounds a little cliché. Life rules to live by vary from one person to another.

But, applying some of these uplifting priorities – or all 10 – might make the difference you have been looking for.

10 Uplifting Rules of Happiness

Living by a clear set of personal rules can help to make life magical and invigorating. We list the top ten happy life rules in no particular order of priority below.

Unfortunately they are not listed with a lifetime guarantee of cheer, abundance, and happiness. Even so, we hope some of the suggestions inspire and motivate you into living a better daily life than the one you had only a few moments ago.

1. Do What Pleases You the Most

The golden rule of living life to the fullest is to spend more time doing what pleases you the most. It is a sad fact that so much of our precious existence gets spent dealing with life’s annoyances and attending to the needs of others.

Focus your attention on things you adore and love. That can be a person, a hobby, a pet or animal, your home, or your profession. Taking care of number one [you] should always be your priority.

2. Life is a Journey: Not a Destination

There is nothing wrong in having goals and dreams to work towards. But there is one important thing to note about that. Your present life as it stands right now [today] should not get sacrificed by a journey chosen to reach your ultimate aspirations.

Tip: Do something every day that satisfies you (and makes you smile). A smile a day helps to keep misery away.

3. Have Fun

Having fun comes in all shapes and disguises. As a rule, it does not matter what that fun is. But, make sure you do it – and do it often.

4. Speak Your Mind

Holding back on what you want to say (or need to) can be the root of unhappiness for the masses. Say what is on your mind and say with passion or with venom – but make sure it gets said!

5. Let Love Surround You

Surround yourself with inspiration, motivation, and positivity. Of course by this we mean people who display these virtues and qualities. Pessimism is contagious!

6. Prioritize the Meaning of Money

We accept that having money brings a certain amount of security and assurance. Nonetheless, try to perform one activity each day which does not earn you – or cost you – any great value in monetary terms.

7. ‘You’ Make the Decisions

Often the difference between happiness and misery is your choice. By that we mean you choose whether to participate in or to embolden most of your daily situations. After all, you can say NO!

8. Daily Random Acts of Kindness

The common term for ‘daily random acts of kindness‘ is DRAK. But, you might amazed yourself how uplifting it feels to perform an act of kindness or politeness. This is especially so when DRAK helps a stranger.

Amaze yourself each day by offering a compliment and act of chivalry. Even better, tell the special someone in your life how much they mean to you.

9. Seize Every Opportunity

The joys of human behaviour and lifestyles are not about missed opportunities and sadness. Seize every moment and especially with the people who share your hope and vitality for life.

We began this article with a cliché and here is another overused one but absolutely true – Life is short! If you live every day as if it were your last, one day you will be right.

10. Take Care of Your Body

The most important rule about enjoying life could well be living a healthy one. Your body needs to be nurtured, protected, and cherished. It is the best way to cope with all the incidents and accidents of a journey in life.

Note: No one takes better care of you than you do yourself!

10 Simple Rules for Happiness: How to Live a Happy Life