The UK Rules
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Rules of Life and Living

Many would argue that without rules the human race may not be here today!

RULES OF LIFE & LIVING: True there are many rules that have been laid down about how to live life – in the written form by respected and revered authors.

There are also many ‘unwritten’ rules which are probably more realistic than many of the general written rules of life.

We simply give the information about the various recommendations and rules made for life and living.

Spoken, Written, and Unwritten Rules of Life

You will determine which are good for you, and which are maybe best if broken (from time to time!).

One of the problems about the general rules about life and living is that different religions and interests want to claim the rule as being their own!

And of course they either adapt or change the rule slightly to make it look ordinal and not a copy of the original. That fact makes it more or less impossible to resource the real origin or originator of the rule.

Life and Living; UK Rules Updated 2017