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Reporting Changes to Charity Details

UK law requires you to keep your charity details up to date with several government organisations. So, reporting changes to your charity's details is an important part of running one.

Information in this guide lists what changes you need to report (e.g. charity name, address, contact details). Find out how to report a change to HM Revenue and Customs and the Charity Commission.

Charity Detail Changes You Must Report

A list of typical changes that you would need to report, include:

  • The name of the charity (e.g. Oxfam).
  • The governing document.
  • Charity address, contact information, or bank account details.
  • The people who can run your charity’s finances (e.g. authorised officials and trustees).
  • The way it operates (e.g. its legal structure or what it actually does).

Note: The rules and procedures for reporting changes to your charity’s details differ for those based in Scotland or in Northern Ireland.

There are several organisations that you must report changes to charity details to. They would include:

  • HM Revenue and Customs (if HMRC recognise your charity for tax purposes).
  • The Charity Commission (if your have registered your charity with them).

You would only need to inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you are running a community amateur sports club (CASC).

Changing a Name or Governing Document

When you set up a charity in United Kingdom you need to follow the special rules for naming it and changing its name.

Read guidance notes on how to change your charity’s governing document, whether you can, and when doing so would need to involve the Charity Commission.

Note: You would need to update the document before changing a name if the governing document contains the charity name as a clause.

How to Report Changes about a Charity

The method of reporting a change of circumstance depends on who you need to inform. But, you will be able to:

You would need to wait a minimum of thirty (30) days after telling HMRC about a change to your charity’s details before making any claims (e.g. claiming Gift Aid).

Note: The Charity Commission must agree to the change before you notify HM Revenue and Customs if you are changing the charity name or its governing document.

NHS Charities (or have a Royal Charter)

If your organisation is an NHS charity, or it has a Royal Charter, you can inform HMRC about any changes in the usual way (e.g. using form ChV1).

But, there is special guidance for managing NHS charities in England and Wales and the rules differ if need to tell the Charity Commission about a change to charities governed by Royal Charter.

Changing the Name of a Charitable Company

There is a set process for reporting changes to a charitable company’s name. So, you would need to follow these three steps in the correct order:

  1. Tell Companies House about changes to your limited company
  2. Tell the Charity Commission about a change to your charity
  3. Tell HM Revenue and Customs using change of details form (ChV1)

Reporting a Change to Your Charity’s Details in United Kingdom