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What Happens after the Application

You will receive one of three different outcomes after you submit the application and documentation. This guide explains what happens next and how a tribunal follows current legislation.

THE NEXT STEP: The Gender Recognition Panel assesses the application. The panel will contact you again if they need further information or more proof.

There are several ways to contact the administrative team at the Gender Recognition Panel. You can send them an email or phone them to check the progress on your application.

Gender Recognition Panel
[email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 300 1234 503
UK-wide phone call charges.

If You get a Full Gender Recognition Certificate

Following a successful application for the full certificate you will receive further information on several issues including:

  • How to get a new birth certificate, marriage certificate, or civil partnership (where it is appropriate).
  • Which organisations you must inform about your gender change.

Getting a full Gender Recognition Certificate can affect pensions, social security benefits, and National Insurance. Read the ‘Gender Recognition Certificate: pensions and benefits note‘ for further details.

If the Panel Turns Down Your Application

If an application gets rejected the panel will inform you why they turned it down. In some cases, you can appeal the decision. But, as a general rule, you would need to prove there was an incorrect point of law applied to your case.

The decision letter explains how to appeal or apply again for a Gender Recognition Certificate. The area that you live in will determine where you need to apply.

If You get the Interim Certificate

If the panel grant you an interim certificate you will receive extra information on:

Gender Recognition Legislation

In the United Kingdom, a tribunal must follow the law according to the Gender Recognition Act 2004. It must also follow these amendments:

  • Schedule 5, Section 12 of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013
  • Part 4 of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014

What Happens after an Application for Gender Recognition Certificate